06.26.2021 – The Church Officer Businessperson’s 24 Hours

06.26.2021 – The Church Officer Businessperson’s 24 Hours

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 12/26/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (47) – The Church Officer Businessperson’s 24 Hours
Scripture: Romans 16:25-27


▶There was one person who was running a church in the countryside. And being the countryside, things were difficult in the church. I remember, he was a good pastor as well. So there were many churches in the city that wanted to invite him as their senior pastor. The majority of the pastors, even if they’re not invited to Seoul, they all want to go to Seoul. The majority of the pastors think that they want to well by going to the cities. But this pastor, in the midst of prayer, rejected those invitations. He was thinking, “Things are so hard at this church. What would happen if I left in this situation?”. And he also thought, “This region is a difficult place. If a pastor comes, it’ll be very difficult for them to make a living. So most pastors wouldn’t want to come here.” So he continued to guard that church. So things were hard. But his children knew the situation. They were aware of the situation and they were aware of how difficult things were for their father. But in the heart of the children, something else goes in. They realized that their father isn’t just merely their father, but a true pastor. He is fully able to go to the city, but knowing that this a very difficult place, he refuses to leave. So the children are bound to pray. They graduated from good universities. Some became a lawyer and some even became a cabinet member. This is the story of lawyer Hwang OO’s father.
▶Often times, when you look at people in the Busan, Kyeongnam, Ulsan, and provincial areas, they think that things aren’t really working for them. When we go for the intensive trainings and I hear the reports, almost all of them have given up. Even the Immanuel Church in Busan is a very vibrant church. But if you look at them individually, there are many whose lives are crumbling. When I say that their lives are crumbling, I’m not saying that they’re completely failing, but things are not working out for them.
As we pass through and look at the year, we must remember. Absolutely, God has a plan and time schedule for each individual’s life. More than forcefully or fervently finding it, the fact is that you have this.
There are some people who have nothing happening in their lives, even if they grow old. They’re completely old now, so what could they do at that time? Yet, it was at that time that God started. That was Moses. Look at his reality before he became the leader. He couldn’t do anything. The more he tried, the more difficult it was. That’s why he said he couldn’t do it. But God said that He hadn’t even begun yet. That was Elijah. He realizes on Mt. Horeb.
And there are some people who look at others and think, “Does that person really need to be in this church?”. More than others looking at them that way, they themselves think that way. “I’m not doing anything here.” And there are some people who just relayed one important Word and left this earth. There was a woman named Anna. There wasn’t much she did. She just sat in church and prayed. But she relayed an important message. That is why you must remember.
▶When you do that, you realize, “24”.
This word, “24 hours”, isn’t your average word. We’re talking about holding on to the things that God wants you to hold on to.
For every person, not just in the Busan, Ulsan, and Kyeongnam region, there’s a time schedule. It’s a time schedule that contains God’s plan.
There are some people who have been placed by God to do that one thing at the end. People like Stephen just relayed one message and left the earth. But Stephen’s role was not small. This absolutely exists. Then what must we do to find this?
▶Introduction: Time Schedule (Plan)→ Spiritual State
There’s a need for us to look at the Bible, God’s Word. As soon as Jesus called his disciples, he sent them to the field.
1)Matthew 10:40-42
▶As soon as Jesus called his disciples, he sent them to the field. That’s Matthew chapter 10. But if you look carefully, Jesus wasn’t explaining how the works took place. And he wasn’t talking about how to raise great kinds of revival. He truly showed them the field and gave them the most important words, “I am with you”. And then he spoke about the conclusion. “The one who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and the one who receive a righteous person because he is a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward. And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.” That’s what he imprinted. “Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receive him who sent me.” He gave a tremendous message here. Don’t think that things aren’t working out for you, but newly confirm the Word.
2)Parable of Heaven
▶And afterwards, he gives parables regarding the kingdom of heaven.
(1)Parable of the Sower- We keep on getting discouraged after looking at the rocky fields, streets, and thorny fields. But the seed that falls into the good soil bears tremendous fruit. Once again, Jesus explains this. If you look in Matthew chapter 13, he mentions this again at the end with just the parable of the Sower.
(2)Parable of the Mustard Seed- For us, it’s not a matter of, “What should I do?”. “What kind of state am I in?” This is what’s more important. There are people who don’t have a single penny, yet they don’t even bat an eye. But there are people who have lots of money and are always anxious. There are some people who are very well off even though they have nothing. But there are some who have very good conditions, but turn all those things into curses. The fact that you’re in a church that does Darakbang, that itself is a blessing. But if you don’t know that’s a blessing, every day would be suffering. We’re very apt to talk about things that we can see. That’s why he gave the parable of the mustard seed.
(3)Parable of Leaven- When great things don’t happen for us, we become discouraged. Strangely, we like to do things that are noticeable. There are so many people who live their walk of faith this way. They gain a lot of strength when they get noticed, but when they don’t get noticed, they get greatly discouraged. But that’s honestly wrong. That’s why Jesus gave the parable of the Gospel being like leaven. It may not be visible at all, but it conquers everything.
(4)Parable of Treasure Field- We become so strengthened when someone acknowledges or recognizes us. We really need to reflect on that. How should we stand before God? How should you stand before Satan, who’s always eyeing you? When people don’t recognize us, we get discouraged and leave church. We do all kinds of things. So Satan scoffs at that. That’s why Jesus spoke about the hidden treasure. He explained in such an amazing way.
(5)Parable of the Pearl- But there are many people who say, “I do so much in the church, but no one even recognizes that”. Jesus explained it this way. “You have the pearl of great value.” Jesus said that.
(6)Parable of the Fish/Net- A lot of elders say this. “There are a lot of people who register for our church, but why is there no growth or revival?” I’m sure there may be various answers to various questions like, “Is it because our pastor gives bad sermons?”, but this is how Jesus explained it. He talked about catching fish and he talked about the net. The real fishermen don’t catch all the fish that get caught in the net. They discard most of them. Because there’s a different fish that they’re trying to catch. That’s the parable that he gave.
▶So our state is very important. It’s our spiritual state. Women like Ayako (Japanese novelist), in Japan, said it this way, right? She moved to the most impoverished neighborhood after getting married, but she said that the was the happiest. She explained the reason for that. When you hear her reasons, she’s right. Her writings really influenced the world
3)Matthew 16:16, 20
▶He confessed, “Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God”. So Jesus greatly blessed him. Then, in verse 20, Jesus said, “Go and don’t tell anyone”. In one sense, perhaps you might be in this time schedule. Why? There’s a time to speak. When Peter confessed about Christ, Jesus should have told them to tell the whole world right away, but he told them not to tell anyone. But at the very end, Jesus said to go all the world. What happens in between is very important. At first, he said, “Don’t tell anyone”, but at the very end, he said, “Go to all nations, go to all creation, and to all the earth”. What happened in between that time is important. That is the mission you must grab hold of.
(1)Mt. of Transfiguration- Then, what happened? He completely uprooted the incorrect things that were imprinted in them. That is the Mountain of Transfiguration. Think about it. What’s the use of going to proclaim this if you haven’t uprooted this? That’s what this is referring to. There are still tremendous things left ahead of them.
(2)Calvary- What happened on Calvary. There were shocking things still left ahead of them. Doing things diligently now or not? That’s not what’s important. I’m talking about the things that happened in this time. What happened between the time when Jesus told them not to tell anyone and the time when he told them to go tell the world.
(3)Galilee- So once again, he went to Galilee. Peter did. Jesus sought him out, went to him, and said.
(4)Mt. of Olives- After speaking, he called them to the Mt. of Olives. He gave them the true covenant, mission, and promise there.
(5)Mark’s Upper Room- And after doing that, they experienced in Mark’s upper room. From this point on, even if they’re told not to go, they will. From this point on, something else begins to happen. This is how they evangelized the whole world.
▶You must remember. “What is the church like?” That’s not what’s important. “What is my state like? This is what’s important. All the pastors who are in the nation and the world, who are discouraged, must remember this. There absolutely is a time schedule and a plan for you. If that is so, this is important for you. Truly. That’s where you can seek out all answers. I was able to find all this in the places where things were not working for me. When things were so hard for me, I found evangelism. The fact that things aren’t working for you? That’s a misconception. So when you look at the small the churches, all the pastors and church members are in a state where they’ve given up. Places like Yewon Church and the Immanuel Church are big churches. In those places, when they do their ministry, they feel like they’re alive and when they don’t have ministry, they think that they’re nothing. It’s because of the incorrect thing they’ve learned until now. It’s not like that at all. You’re not the one who saved. God saved them. I’ll speak more about it during tomorrow’s last message of the year. But God absolutely has a plan for you. But if you’ve spiritually given up, thinking, “Nothing’s working for me”, then you’re really going to fail.

▶Main- 3 Places
However, you must keep this in mind. God wants to use you in about 3 different places. Just know it this way. Then you need to know and have at least a general idea of, “How is God going to use me, that He’s making me wait this long?”.
The first is the ①empty places. The empty places of the church. This is where God wants to preciously use you. It’s all too important, yet, it’s left ②discarded. And then what? The places that have a ③future. Undoubtedly.
It’s something you may not be able to pinpoint. But the reason why you must pray is because God is trying to use you in the empty places, discarded places, and places with a future.

1.Empty Places (Romans 16:25)
▶The 237 nations, healing, and summit. These places are completely empty.
▶People Who are Here +People Who are There
As church officer businesspeople, if you really know this, you can see this. The people who are here. Then that is a tremendous thing. And what else? The people who are there. The mistake that we make is, the people who are here may not seem like much in our eyes. Our standards seem to be the opposite of what we spoke about in the introduction. Your standards have to be here, but you’re always on the opposite of this. But think about it. Our standards have to align with the things Jesus spoke about. Not elsewhere. So after commissioning one person, there’s a lot of debate about whether they should continue to support that person or not. “The people who are already here. Are they really valuable and worthwhile?” People talk about that a lot. You will lose of many things. In one sense, you’ll lose hold of everything. Why? Because looking at these people, you might fall into your misconceptions. “All the people here are nothing much.” That’s what you might be thinking. And the people who are out there. “Should we continue to support them?” If that is so, all those who are here, all those who are there are meaningless.
▶You need to open your eyes well to see this. Especially the church officers. Honestly speaking, the 237 nations? You can’t really go there. Do you think you can go? If that is a fact, then all that’s left is “healing and summit”. The people who are here. Are you going to go to all the world? That’s a lie. How can you go? It’s difficult to go to even one place. How can you go to all the world? That’s why the people who are already there are important. If they’re not worthy yet, you need to raise them up. If that person hasn’t realized, then wait for them to realize.
That’s the reason why God used Paul. He made someone, who was discarded, as the greatest individual. The representative case of that would be Onesimus. If it were you, you probably wouldn’t have used that person. Think about it. He was a thief, a slave, and a criminal. But the Gospel went into him. Later on, he becomes the bishop of the church in Colossae. The empty places. We think about the empty places and we think that there’s nobody there and that we need to rush in and do something. But more than that, this is important.

2.Discarded Places (Romans 16:26)
▶You need to be aware of the fact that there are discarded places.
1)Future Church- Strength/Power
2)TCK- Prepared/Waiting
3)Elite- Outside (Inside)
▶The future churches, dependent churches, and the TCK. Also, the elite. They’re all discarded.
▶Let’s see who can approach them easily. You look at them as the powerless churches and powerless pastors. But that’s the mistake committed by not only the people there, but the people who view them that way. There has never been a time when we’ve been able to save the world churches by our power. We keep on having unbeliever’s things imprinted inside us that’s why we keep thinking this way. We think that they are powerless pastors and powerless churches. Perhaps, those words might be right. Humanely speaking, that might be right. But in God’s eyes, that’s not the case. Rather, the people down in the countryside might have more power and ability in that area than me. The standards for your thoughts need to be based on what God wants. People like me and Rev. Chung? If we had to live in the countryside, we might die there. It doesn’t match with our personality. We don’t have that ability. But the people who are able to do ministry in the countryside for 10-20 years? They’ve got that capability. Don’t think that they’re powerless. That’s a misconception.
▶And the TCKs are people who are truly prepared, but we don’t think of them as much. In our eyes, they can’t seem like much. Isn’t that so? Think about it. You don’t think that people who have passed the bar exam, those are doing well in life, are wandering. That’s a different story though. But these TCKs may not seem like much in our eyes. That’s the misconception. So our many church officers need to do world evangelization, but you’re losing hold of so many things. When you look at the elite, you only look at their outside appearance. But inside, they’re dying. That’s why they’re discarded. When one person of the elite does something, we really lift them up. So rather, famous celebrities say, “There’s no place for me to go live my walk of faith”. They’re dying on the inside, but people only want to address what’s on the outside. We continue to make these kinds of mistakes. Even though it may not be a great ministry you do, it needs to be a ministry that God wants most.

3.Places that Have a Future (Romans 16:27)
▶Church officers, the field where you are, that is the future.
1)Church Officer Field- First
▶That’s why, the first answer wasn’t even given to the remnants. It was given to the church officers. That’s why God gave this to the church officer businesspeople first.
2)Remnant- Goal
▶Because the remnants are God’s goal. That’s why you’re important.
3)Specialist- Economy of Light
▶If you go into the many fields, there are many specialists. These specialists, from God’s point of view… It’s from them that the economy of light comes. So these specialists need to have this covenant. But not having this covenant, there’s this huge gap for them to reach the economy of light. You must remember.
▶We’re passing this year. Many people are really having misconceptions and doing things incorrectly. Because our organization is an organization that needs to relay the Gospel, we went through all those hindrances. But when we look at our lives individually, things are bound to be difficult. The unique TCKs from the world are right in front of us. But we don’t consider that to be much. We pay lip service to the 237 nations but no matter how much we talk about it, it’s all in vain. Why? Because we don’t look at the people who are already here or there as much.

♠Conclusion- Devotion (Offering)
1)Jethro (Loss)
▶Our church officers and businesspeople, your devotion and offering is the same ministry as Elder Jethro’s. Perhaps in your eyes, this may be a great misconception. He did the things that were to his loss. But that’s incorrect thinking because he staked his life on this.
2)Rahab (Rumors)
▶Your devotion and offering is the same thing as Rahab’s work. They were the Israelites who received so many messages from God and yet, they still resented Him. Rahab only heard rumors and believed/realized through that. So remember.
3)Obadiah (Work Bound for Death)
▶The devotion and offering that you give is the same as Obadiah’s work. In actuality, Obadiah’s work was bound to bring death.
4)Daniel 1:8-9 (Resolution)
▶What you’re doing right now may seem small, but it’s the same as the resolution made by the people who realized the reason for their captivity in Babylon.
5)Romans 16:25-27 (Small Works)
▶Your small devotion lies within this. Undoubtedly. You may think that it’s just a small devotion, but it lies inside of this. “I don’t have much to do at church.” No, the fact that you come to church and give worship there is this blessing.
▶Another year is coming to a close. Our calendar is actually meaningless to God. In order to talk about the rhythm of our lifestyle, we talk about the end of the year and the new year. But in God’s eyes, they’re all the same.
As you come to the close of this year, all our church officers and businesspeople need to realize something important. Although you may deny it, God has a plan for you. You may not acknowledge that person, but God has a plan for that person. You may say that that person has no capabilities, but God has a plan for that person. You may think that that person has failed, but God is protecting them in the prison. Let us prison.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the limitless love of our Father God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the world’s businesspeople, be upon the businesspeople of Busan, Kyeongnam, and Ulsan, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)