06.23.2021 – Solution of All Problems in the Wilderness

06.23.2021 – Solution of All Problems in the Wilderness

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 12/20/2020
Title: Solution of All Problems in the Wilderness
Scripture: Numbers 19:1-10

▶Right now, the whole nation and the world are facing the same hardships. Though we weren’t able to gather, our church members, more 3,000 people, listening to the message right now. Many of our regional churches and over 70 churches in Busan are listening to the message together right now. They’re listening to this message right now in America as well as other places overseas. This is being broadcasted to over 170 nations in the world right now. Even now, currently, people who can’t give worship are listening to the message through the internet in 4,000-5,000 places.
We’re not able to gather right now, but we’re all listening to the Word. The more the times are like this, you must hold on to the message and gain spiritual strength.
▶In this Bible we’re reading right now, the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. Then, they got out and they’re on their way to the land of Canaan right now. There were several things that happened in the wilderness.
But there’s so much for us to learn within that. That’s what we’re finding right now. Every week, we’ve confirmed the things we must discover on the way through the wilderness.
In today’s scripture, it’s the field in which their life time schedule is being determined. In actuality, the Israelites have come out of Egypt and they’re making their way through the wilderness. They’re probably thinking the same thoughts. What do you think they’re thinking? “We’re going to reach Canaan soon.” Isn’t that it?
“We’re on our way to our original homeland.” This is probably what they’re thinking. A week is enough time for them to get there. From Egypt to Canaan. They’ve traveled far and they’ve reached a place named Kadesh Barnea right now. In actuality, they only have a few days left.
▶There, God determined the life of these people. Nobody knows. Nobody knows when they’ll be going in. How many years did they stay there? They stayed there for 38 years. Nobody knew. They thought that they were going to go the land soon. So the land of Kadesh Barnea is an important place. It’s the place where the Israelites stayed for 38 years after traveling 2 years to get there. God gave tremendous messages to them here.
▶What’s the trait of the church? There’s no “graduation” for the believers. Isn’t that so? That’s why there are so many problems in the church. For college, you attend for 4 years and leave. Even for the military service, you stay for about 2 years and leave. There’s no graduation in the church. Isn’t that so? So there’s no graduation for disciples.
Then what is needed? Renewal is needed. If you want to stay in that place for the rest of your life, you need to have renewal. If the Israelites are trying to enter into the land of Canaan right now, they need renewal. That’s what God is continuously giving to them right now. So Kadesh Barnea is that field where He kept the Israelites bound for 38 years.
We know the traits because we see the records. But no one among the people who were gathered there knew. “We’re going to go in soon.” They said, “We’re going to go in soon” and that took 38 years. God is giving us tremendous messages here.
▶As COVID comes, many things in the world will also change. There will be many things that we need to prepare. An age will come where we can’t do things lightly and haphazardly. On top of that, when the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution opens, things will be that way even more so.
So there are so many things that we must actually prepare. That applies to the nation as well, but there are so many things that the church must prepare.
At this time, amidst the many things God gives, God is saying in today’s Word, “Because you must now enter into the land of Canaan, cleanse everything and make them clean”. It’s that content. So God, who forgives. “Repent for all your wrongdoings and prepare to go into Canaan.” That’s what He’s saying. These are very important words. Another year is almost over. You need to realize your wrongdoings and also forgive. These things are needed.

▶So among many things, there are 3 types.
There’s the boss. This boss is the head of a small organization/body of people. He says, “Follow me”. And he stakes his lives for his underlings. That’s a boss. The boss fights against their enemies. But with just that, you can’t do great things. The person above the “boss” level is the leader. What is a leader? A leader is someone who can go together with others. The reason why the churches in Korea fight so much is because the pastors have the temperament of a “boss”. “Listen to my words” is what they say. Even though they should be going together with everyone. But if your church members amount to more than a thousand, it won’t work with just a boss or leader. You need to be a commander. A commander listens to the words of the opposing side too. A boss doesn’t do that.
A commander also keeps in mind the incorrect words. A commander also joins hands with their enemy. That’s what they need to do. That’s how they form great churches and form great nations. Because we have too many “bosses” among our politicians, like Youngnam Boss, Honam Boss, and etc., we’re praying for a commander to arise among them.
▶In this way, the Israelites need to enter into the land of Canaan so they need to prepare. They could only live if an outstanding commander arises and takes the Israelites into Canaan with immense leadership.
So that’s why God tied them down for 38-40 years. We find it frustrating, but there, God has a tremendous plan and reason. As you know, the 3 feasts came from there. Those well known 3 feasts came from the wilderness. Many people are trying to find it because it disappeared, but the thing that was made at that time was the ark of the covenant. It’s tremendous, isn’t it? The thing that was built during that time in the wilderness was the tabernacle. He made them know these tremendous things.
The more astounding thing is that Genesis is where it explains why problems came to mankind. Exodus is about, “What must be done?”. Leviticus is what explains why people need to give worship. They get separated into tribes beforehand in order to enter into Canaan. It’s important, right? That’s the Book of Numbers. That’s what we’re reading right now. There’s one more book left. “Be imprinted with the sure things before you go into the land of Canaan.” Deuteronomy. It means “repeated law” or “second law”. He imprinted them with this so surely. Those 5 books were recorded while they were in the wilderness for 40 years. You need to know that the time schedule you’re facing in your life is very important. If you have a hardship, that means that it’s a very important time schedule. On top of that, if you’re ill/diseased, it’s a very important time schedule. You’ll be able to think about many things. It’s a very important time schedule.
▶There was a very renown person who was very successful, who collapsed one day.
They were in the terminal stage of liver cancer, which they had for too long. I went to see this person often. There was something that I sensed/felt. I felt that this person had become completely different. Whether this person gets better or not, that’s secondary. But this person became different. I thought to myself, “This is an important time schedule”. It was a very important time schedule in this person’s life.
▶God told them to make themselves clean.
In Mark 10:45, it says that Jesus came and was sent to give his life as a ransom for many. In 1 John 1:9, it says that God will forgive us if we confess our sins. Even if you look in places like Jonah 3:10… God never changed His will or relented. But there was one time when God’s will changes. When is that? When we repent. God said that He will change His will when we realize our wrongdoings and pray.

▶Main- So God is telling them to change everything before they go into the land of Canaan. This is very important, right? Change what? 3 things.

1.Give a Red Heifer→ Hold on to covenant of “Christ” and resolve original sin
▶If you look in the first verse today, it says to bring a red heifer with no defects and offer it on the altar. This is something that most people, the average person, cannot understand. But this was mentioned in the first, most important part. What does this mean? Why do they need to get this heifer, sprinkle the blood, and cook and eat the meat? That’s what it says.
▶People who live their walk of faith well will probably know what this means, right? This is talking about a tremendous thing. The greatest sin that we have is original sin. Isn’t that so? This is what people don’t know right now. Some people don’t understand the words, “Your sins have been forgiven”. Some people shamelessly say, “God forgave all my sins”. That’s not what these words mean. “Original sin” means that you’ve been separated from and left God. Right now, people all over the world are listening to the message right now. Why are you in that country/nation? It’s God’s will. Why was I born in Korea? I don’t know. It’s God’s will. I was born in the times of the Korean War. Is that my choice? That’s what God did. We have assemblyman Park OO here today and I’m very thankful. Truly. If people like him are the ones who run Busan, how great would it be? It’s something to be so thankful for. How was such a great politician made? God did it. Isn’t that so? God already had it in His plan for you to be a member of the National Assembly and save Busan as the mayor of Busan. The method is voting, but the One who raises the person up to that place is God. When do we die? When God calls us. Isn’t that so? So the sin of not knowing who God is? That’s original sin. What comes from this original sin? Disasters come falling for no reason. We’re unable to know why. The entire world is living a good life, but the number of mental patients continues to grow. America is thriving the most, but it also has the most number of homeless people. In Asia, Japan is most well off. But Japan also has the most number of mental patients in Asia. What are people going to do about this? There’s no way for them to block these disasters and curses. Simply put, they’re living hellish lives. They’re not able to block this. The word/term that solved this is, “Christ”. This is what this is about. What this heifer is about… Who would understand these words? The blood sacrifice. When Moses talked about this, Pharaoh asked, “What are you talking about?”. These are tremendous words though. This was the command He gave to Moses. “Go and tell Pharaoh. Tell him that you’re going to go to give the blood sacrifice.” That’s what He told him. But Moses understood these words. So he went to Pharaoh and talked about this, but unable to understand, Pharaoh asked, “What are you talking about? You’re still not in your right mind. Make them work and suffer more and make them come to their senses”. He didn’t understand. Later on, God rains down 10 disasters/plagues. The day they spread the blood (of the lamb) on the doorposts, they came out. That’s what’s called the Passover. He’s telling them to restore this.
This means that they need to overcome the many forces of curses, disasters, and darkness on their way through the wilderness. These are very important words. The moment we understand these words, the force of darkness begins to crumble, unseen to our eyes. There are many people like this.
▶There are some people who continue to commit crimes no matter how much they try not to.
This person went in and out of prison, 20 times. How would the police view them? I see it differently. They’re not able to control themselves. Isn’t that so? This person is seized by something. But in the process of being transferred to another prison, on the way, this person met an evangelist. After hearing the explanation of Jesus Christ, he accepted Christ and this person’s life completely changed. Finally, he realized, “Why am I living like this? I’ve been seized by something”. He realized this way. Then after that, we see… The very first incident we see in the Bible is Satan, unseen to the eyes, telling Adam and Eve not to believe in God. It’s a frightening story, right? “You can become like God.” That’s why they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They listened to those words and ate from that tree. Then, you know all the things that are arising throughout the world, right? Do you know what the 3 organizations, starting with the Freemasons, of America are teaching? “You can become like God. There’s no need to go to church.” They’re the same words. It’s to the point where it’s surprising. “You need to fulfill this, practice asceticism, and gain power.” These are the same words if you really look at them. God governs over the life of man. This means that we need to enjoy the blessing of having become God’s child. The force of darkness crumbles and your fate is overturned. We have dozens of these people in our church. They became shamans after being possessed by demons/evil spirits and when they just knew of Christ and accepted him, this problem was resolved. How can Pharaoh know this? Because the prime minister of Japan doesn’t know this right now, he goes to worship idols. Because he doesn’t know… On top of that, they even forced people of our nation to do bow down before and worship idols a long time ago. It’s because they don’t know. Because they don’t know that these tremendous, frightening spiritual things exist…
May today be the time schedule in which you, the important people of this age, and assemblyman Park OO really receive God’s blessings. “I am a child of God.” Enjoy this blessing. That’s what we refer to as, “the resolution of the original sin”. But most people ask, “What is original sin?”. It’s being separated from God. Then that puts you on the same level as an animal/beast. If you don’t believe in God, you take away all the spiritual things, so you’re on the same level as animals. He’s telling us to renew that. The day you really realize, works arise.
▶I said this last week, didn’t I? For me, it was one day. I began to believe in God (find Him believable). One day. But a long time ago, I didn’t believe in God. “Why would I go to church? What would I even do there?” But in my eyes, I saw something within my family, our nation, several things regarding the Korean War, and the fire. I realized that there are so many people who are facing hardships. This realization, “I find God believable and I’m a child of God”, came to me and my life began to change.
One day, I realized, “Why was the word, ‘Christ’ used?”. That’s what I was able to realize.
▶Christ means, “the anointed one”. Isn’t that so? Christ. We just use the name without really knowing this. But the Christ is the anointed one. Who gets anointed? The king. Priest. Prophet. People of these 3 offices are anointed with oil. You don’t just become a king when you just come out one day saying, “I will be king”. They need to be anointed with that oil. I started to realize this. Christ, the true king who defeated Satan. That’s what this means. The true priest, who blocks all disasters and relays the blessings of God. The true prophet who makes you know God and believe in Him. That’s what this means.
▶I’ve seen so many of the works that arise the moment you realize this. One day, I realized this and I found myself an evangelist. As you know, I evangelized here for 30 years and the evangelism movement continues to arise in Seoul and the whole world right now. One day, I came to realize. I realized the 3rd thing. The illness of the heart/mind and thoughts is a problem. Isn’t that so? I came to know what “prayer” is. Truly. From that point on, giving sermons and evangelizing became easy. After I learned what prayer is, I was able to easily realize when I needed to do in the future. God had given me these kinds of blessing, but after I knew this, I was so filled with joy.
At the very least, they need to go to the land of Canaan with this power/strength. Isn’t that so?
Our posterity needs to head out, but there are so many different kinds of forces of darkness. They need to go out with the power/strength to overcome all that.

2.Throw the Cedarwood, Hyssop, and Scarlet Yarn→ “Renew!”
▶Second. It says to throw the cedarwood, hyssop, and scarlet yarn in the fire together with the heifer. What is that? There are many different problems and sins that we’re not even aware about. He’s telling us to go in the land after being healed of this. There are so many things we don’t know. Isn’t that so?
The greatest sin amidst that is not being able to renew. “How is that a great sin?” Look at the land of Canaan. They needed to go into the land of Canaan but they were wandering in the wilderness. The most important thing is renewal. They shouldn’t be in a state where they can’t renew. This is the most fearsome sin that we’re unaware of. There are some people who are so kind and nice. Yet, they don’t renew. Isn’t that so? That’s a problem.
And there are also people who are completely clean, morally speaking. But they never renew and they only live for themselves. I think that to be a great sin. If the Israelites are unable to renew here, they’re not going to be able to enter into the land of Canaan. It’s the same in our life as well.
▶This was on a broadcast in the past. They filmed this themselves. They secretly filmed people to see if they follow the red signal in the mountainous area. They filmed 10 Korean people. I thought that at least one of them would follow the signals. But all 10 of them ran the red light. Why? Because no one else was there. They took that same camera and crew and went to Japan. They did the same thing in a similar area. I thought that there would be at least one person who runs that red light. But even though there wasn’t a single person there watching, all 10 cars, all 10 people, stopped at each red light. This is where we lose to Japan. Isn’t that so? It’s something that we can’t see with our eyes. All 10 people in Korea ran the red light. They intentionally went to Japan to film and all 10 of those people stopped at the red light. If one of those 10 people (in Japan) were Korean, I’m sure they would have just gone at the red light. If there was a Korean, who was born in Japan, there, they would have gone. This is how much of a difference there is. These Israelites need to leave wilderness and enter into the land of Canaan. We see all these words including: cedarwood, hyssop, scarlet yarn, and etc. but even if it gets explained, you won’t really understand and there’s really no reason to either. But these are referring to many things that are not visible, that need to be renewed. At this time, many works of healing begin to arise.

3.Wash Your Bloodied Clothes and Body→ Repent of the “sins you’re aware of”.
▶Third. It says, “The priest shall wash his clothes and bathe his body in the water”. What does this mean? These are the sins we’re aware of. Because we know, we need to wash off the things that got on our bodies. These aren’t just simple words. The whole time, the Israelites were constantly having unbelief. And they knew this. How ridiculous was it? In order to go to the land of Canaan, they got out of Egypt. Rightfully, what needs to be done? They should have said, “It’s okay even if we die while we go through the wilderness. But our posterity must go to our homeland.” That’s what should have happened. Do you know what they said though? “You should have just left us in Egypt. Why did you take us out, only to make us go through this suffering?” Should they be going into the land of Canaan with that? What did they say later? How did they blame and resent later on? “Did you take us out from that beautiful land to make us die here?” That’s what they said.
Even to just that extent, it’s fine. But there were traitors like Korah. But the funny this is, the Israelites followed after him. Take a look at our nation. There are so many strange, odd people. But people follow them.
Because hardships came, what was the characteristic of the Israelites? The entire assembly of Israel wailed and cried all night.
▶He’s telling them to fix all that before they go. These are such important words in our lives. “Completely cleanse your self and enter.” He’s saying, “Take care of your spiritual things first”. Take care of the things that you can’t see first. Then next, the thing things that can be seen are, in a sense, easy. In this way, enter the land of Canaan, flowing with milk and honey, and do world evangelization.

▶There were a few people who understood these words precisely.
Who were they? Joshua. Joshua followed Moses wherever he went without exception. Even during the fight against the Amalekites, Joshua fought in the forefront. Suddenly, Moses died. He held exactly to the Word that he learned while following Moses and led the Israelites into the land. Isn’t that so? God said to Joshua, “I will be with you just as I was with Moses”. Do you know what his trait was? He renewed himself so well.
There was someone who renewed better than Joshua. Who was he? Caleb. Joshua and Caleb both served Moses in the same way. But one day, all of a sudden, Joshua stood as the leader. How would you have felt? You would have said, “Forget this” and defected/broken away. But Caleb, once again, helped and aided Joshua. Just as he aided Moses. It went beyond that. Every time there was a crisis in the nation, Caleb appeared. In Kadesh Barnea, when they sent the spies, 10 of them came back reporting that they wouldn’t be able to go into the land. In our country’s terms, the bill had already passed through the National Assembly. What could be done? 10 of them were saying that they couldn’t go in. Even though they had to go in… They sent 12 but 10 of them said that they couldn’t go in. The person who came out at that time and said, “We can absolutely go in”, was Caleb. Isn’t that so? When they were almost there, a crisis came again in the Anak hill country. At this time, Caleb appeared again. That was when he was already 85 years old, but he said, “Give me this final hill country. I will fight”.
The person who renewed after only listening to God’s Word was Rahab. Isn’t that so? This Rahab was a prostitute. This person relayed the covenant of God and followed them into the land of Canaan. Who would have known? She got married and bore a child. That child had another child. Who was born in that line? King David. Who would have known that?
▶You must surely and accurately hold on to God’s covenant today.
Because of this small number of people, the minority, the posterity lived and they were taken to the land of Canaan. If you look closely in the Bible, just 1-2 people saved them. Later on, they did wrong again and were taken as captives to Babylon. Even then, just a few people saved the nation. What did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego say? “We’re going to go into the fire, but even if God does not save us, we cannot bow before the idols.” Daniel knew that he would die, but he prayed, giving thanks. Esther said, “If I perish, I perish”.
These kinds of individuals changed the world of darkness.
Even though you weren’t able to physically attend worship today, all of our families in the nation and the world must hold on to this covenant. If that’s what you’re doing, answers will come.
That’s what we refer to as, “the fulfillment of the works of God’s kingdom”. This is what Jesus said at the end. It says that he explained of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God for 40 days.
▶But we don’t believe. We just look at our present reality and say that it’s difficult. But it’s never like that at all. There was never a time when lies and deceit overcame the truth. There was never a time when darkness overcame the light. People become martyrs for the truth. There’s no one who becomes a martyr for lies.
Look carefully in the Bible. Man saw and said, “It’s over”, but for God, it was just the beginning. They thought that they just needed to persecute Israel, but when they persecuted them, Israel began to come to life. Even when Stephen died, the life movement arose. So the best way to live your walk of faith is to not be deceived.
Do you know why? Because the name of Satan, the devil, whom we cannot see, is “deceiver”. The meaning of “devil” is, “deceiver”. So he’s deceiving you so that you perish. It’s about not being deceived by that.
▶I bless all of you, in the nation and the world, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that this blessing comes upon you. Especially our Professor Park OO, thank you and I truly bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that God’s blessings will be overflowing. Let us pray.

God, help us to restore the covenant, that you gave in the wilderness, as our own. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)