06.22.2021 – The Evangelist’s Three Conquests

06.22.2021 – The Evangelist’s Three Conquests

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Core Training Message- 12/19/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (46)- The Evangelist’s Three Conquests
Scripture: Galatians 2:20

♠Introduction: Problem (W+I+O)→ “God’s Needs”- Answer, Word
▶“The Evangelist’s Three Conquests.”
Today, let’s think that we’re having forum.
▶Many problems can come to us. And they’ll most likely come in the future. We can have them even now. Being able to have forum over this is true prayer. Being able to share about that is true forum. Yes, there are problems that just pass by, but there are problems that continue to attack us.
At that time, we talked about this first. We said, “WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness”. But it doesn’t just remain like this.
There’s something you must do first when you face a problem. It’s what God needs. You need to open your eyes to see this first. When a problem comes, we need to receive answers. But we’re not just sitting there. The most important thing is to see what God needs.
You need to do this in order to see the greatest answer. You need to do this in order to see the Word.
When a problem comes, we just end it by saying, “It’s a problem”. But that’s the state of an unbeliever. When a problem comes, yes, it’s right that God is with me. Then what does God need? You need to be able to see this. That way, you can receive proper answers and see the stream of the Word properly.
1)7 Remnants
▶The 7 remnants. It’s not what Joseph needed, but what God needed. That’s what’s important. That way, you can see the Word. Moses didn’t go there because he wanted to. If you live that way, it really will be to your loss. You didn’t go to America because you wanted to. You went because you just had to follow your parents. But if you live that way, your life will become strange. If you think, “Why did I meet someone like that?”, your life will become strange. What did God need from Moses? You need to ask that. Then everything begins to open up. When we face a hardship, we just think, “I’m suffering”. Then you’ll become even sicker.
▶Only then can you interpret the 7 remnants and see the Bible. Why did God allow the Israelites to go all the way to Babylon? What God needed is simple. World evangelization. Only then will the world live. Everyone will live.
3)Hebrews 11:1-38
▶Then why… You see the records of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11. If you look at that, it’s not about what we need. There is something that God needs.
4)Early Church
▶Why did God permit the early church at this time? You can quickly understand that.
5)Wandering Nation
▶More important than that, after that, why did God scatter the Israelites all over the world as a wandering and lost nation? The Jewish people have not seen this even till now. What does God need? World evangelization. Only then can the world live. That’s the way to block the world disasters. When a problem comes to you, you need to consider it a tremendous blessing.

▶Main- What God Needs From Us
There is a main message that comes at this time. What is that? You need to see what God needs in order to properly see the Bible. And when you enter into the main theme, what do you find? God gives us what He needs from us.
How does He give?

1.Life (Me)- Rightful
▶First. What God needs from “me”. This is all too important.
1)12 Problems- God is telling us to come out from the 12 problems that Satan gave. When He gives us a problem, He wants us to come out of this.
2)Matthew 16:16-20, And what else? He’s telling us to really receive His blessings. “You are a rock. The gates of Hades will not prevail against it. I give you the keys.”
3)Galatians 2:20, And He wants us to become like this (Galatians 2:20). I no longer exist. There’s no need for “me” anymore. “Now, Christ lives in me.”
▶This is what we call the rightful answer. Even all unbelievers, if they can’t see this, can’t escape from suffering. Even if you attend church for a hundred years, even if you’ve been attending for the past 3-4 generations, if you don’t know this, you will suffer. This is not just a worldly expression, that “I have died and now Christ lives in me”. We should rightfully die. Isn’t that so? Rightfully, we should not be remaining in the midst of this (12 problems). Rightfully, we should become like this (Matthew 16:16-20). And because we’re not changing all that easily, He gave us this Word (Galatians 2:20).
What do you think about that? How do you view your problems? What is the thing that God needs from “me”?

2.Field- Inevitable (Necessary)
▶And what else? What God needs from the field. It may seem as if a problem has come to us, but God is saying we need that. During the most dangerous time in church history, what did God give?
1)Acts 1:3, He gave this (Acts 1:3). On the Mt. of Olives.
2)Acts 1:8, This was during the time of greatest crisis in church history. He promised this at that time (Acts 1:8).
3)Acts 2:1-4, 41-42, 46-47, This is the answer that arose at that time. Acts 2:1-4. The power that was like wind and fire and the works of the 3 Feasts. It looks like it’s never going to work/happen, right? The 3,000 Disciple Movement. These were the kinds of things that took place. “Day by day in their homes. Day by day in the temple court.”
▶Do you know what we call this? This is the inevitable answer. Look carefully at the time schedule. Think of your suffering as a rightful thing. Only then will you come to the rightful answer. This is what God needs from us. It may seem as if God gave us a problem, but God rightfully gave us what is rightful and inevitable.

3.Age- Absolute
▶This is something that the politicians, scientists, and people in finance don’t know. There’s something God needs in this age.
1)Acts 11:19, It may seem as if tribulations arose but this is what God did (Acts 11:19). You must remember this.
2)Acts 13:1-4, When they were trying to kill Paul, this is the kind of thing that took place (Acts 13:1-4). He was commissioned as a missionary. It’s amazing, isn’t it?
3)Acts 16:6-10, They thought that the doors of evangelism were completely close, but what happened? Macedonia. Why there? God is trying to give what this age needs the most. Missionaries, if you can’t realize this, things will be hard and painful. The reason why God has commissioned you as missionaries is to give you what this age needs the most.
4)Acts 19:1-7, This was right before Paul was arrested. At that time, God gave this blessing.
5)Acts 19:21, Acts 23:11, Acts 27:24, Then, he really was arrested. “I must see Rome as well.” “You must testify of me in Rome.” “You must stand before Caesar.” God gave what was most needed for this age.
▶The people I worry about most are the people who run and rush around doing this and that.
That’s worrisome to me.
Find what God really needs. As an elder, you need find, “What does God need most from me, as an elder, in this church?”. When I see people who just rush in, touching everything, they look the same as unbelievers. There are people who just go running around everywhere and anywhere. There are some people who are just completely uninterested and apathetic. That’s how people are living their walk of faith right now. But think about how simple this is. Even for our businesses, works need to arise to the point where we don’t even have to advertise.
There’s this pharmacist I’m very close with. My gums weren’t doing so well so I thought I should take this medication. The pharmacist is close to me, so he said, “There’s something better than that”. So I asked, “Oh, really?”. And he said, “But it’s cheaper”. I said, “Oh, really?”. He’s a pharmacist so he knows very well and that’s the medication he gave me. I asked, “Why is the other one so expensive?”. He said, “Because of all the advertising expenses. But this medication I’m selling you sells very well even if they don’t advertise”. Because people who know it buy that one. And the reason why he told me that was because he was very close to me. And you know, you can’t just say that to anyone. Your skill has to be rightful, inevitable, and absolute. Do that. Even your service should be this way. Even your work should be this way. Look at it that way and problems aren’t problems. If you’re already saying this and that and shaking before problems, you’re not going to be used by God at all. Take a look at this. You really must save the world. You really have to receive answers, save the field, save the churches, and save the age. Starting now, if you do this, you’ll gain that leisure.

♠Conclusion- What God Needs in the Future (Absolute)
▶Finally, what’s the conclusion? What God needs in the future. What God needs. What God needs for the future. That’s what we’re holding on to as we head out. It may seem as if these are the things we’re facing right now, but God really wants to give us what is rightful, inevitable, and absolute. The most important thing, the start, needs to be, “What does God need?”, You can see everything from within that. And this is applicable only to the saved. If you don’t think you’ve received salvation, just live the way you are now. Use more of your humanism from time to time. Why? You haven’t received salvation so you might as well use humanism. If you’re not going to be used by God and your life is going to crumble one day, you might as well use humanism. Without the Gospel, you’re going to go to hell anyways so there’s no reason for you to suffer so much on earth. Isn’t that so?
But if you’re really the people of God who have the Gospel, it’s different.
When the greatest problem has come, whether big or small, what is it that God needs? Ask that way. We’ve had the past 30 years of the Darakbang movement and many people have their own thoughts. And there will be some people that don’t really have this taking place. Ask. “What does God need?” “What does God need from us? What does God need for the future?” That’s what it is. So that’s why they’ve lost hold of something important.
1)Empty Places (Acts 1:8)
▶We’ll see this next year. The empty places of the 237 nations, the churches, and the field. We have to head out to save them. This is also the final promise of Jesus. Telling them to go and save them (Acts 1:8). We’re not just rashly going in to the 237 nations. No. The empty places. What is that? Rightful, inevitable, and absolute. That healing. The remnant summit. These are all the empty places. This is where we must go. The place where everyone else goes? Why would we go there? Isn’t that so? Because others are unable to and not going, so we’re going into the field that’s dying.
▶Let’s say that a child gets lost in the mountains. Without knowing that, the parents are looking for the child elsewhere. But let’s say that someone saw the child go into the mountains and went looking all night. Even though this child isn’t even their own… Just because this person just saw that child go in. And what about the child who is wandering in the mountains? They’re not going to die because they lost their way at night and starved. They die because their temperature goes down. There are some people who say this and that, but they don’t know what they’re talking about. There was one person who got lost in the mountains and died a long time ago and there are people who are still talking about it. If you go to the mountains and just lie down there, you’re going to die. Even your body temperature drops 3 degrees, you die. So young children who wander in the mountains will die. But someone stakes their life to go and find those kids? Rightful, inevitable, and absolute. You must always think about that. This important introduction, main theme, and conclusion. You need to always consider it. When you make your decisions. When you make your choices. When you do forum. When you serve for the Lord’s work. When you give offering. You just give offering, don’t you? Then what what’s going to happen to your finances? When you give offering… You must always think about this. What God needs. What He needs from us. What He’ll need in the future. You’re holding on to that. It’s not just needed. It’s rightfully, inevitably, and absolutely needed.
2)Church 24 Hours- 237, Healing, Summit
▶And what else? The Gospel continues to fade away. What’s going to be needed in your church, in the future? You’ve got to at least do this. Isn’t that so? Even if you’re not able to do other things, you need to be able to do what God needs from your church in the future. What God spoke of from the very beginning to the very end was the “237 nations”. The entire world is diseased. You need to heal them. And what else? He said this at the end, “Make disciples”. Summit. These 3 things must take place 24 hours a day. If you can’t do this, it’s not a proper church. It needs to be a church where 237, healing, and summit takes place 24 hours a day. I’m going to make this for sure. All the systems are going to be inside of that as well.
▶I told one of our assistant pastors to go and research Pastor Chuck Smith’s church. That church is very strong in this (237). There is a pastor in charge of every nation. They’re almost like the head of the session. So there are over a hundred churches in the main Calvary Church. You need to think about this. It’s bound to be big. The things that are right, we need to acknowledge. In the past, a long time ago, I went and analyzed the Yeouido Full Gospel Church. That church is very strong regarding this (healing). Healing. In one way, they really used that to reach into the districts. At that time, I think there were about 8 districts. For the larger divisions, they had their main office. They had it operating for 24 hours a day. And they also have a small sanctuary. Inside the church. For that. The assistant pastor is responsible for that place. They have their own district head as well as district leaders. And I said, “They’re doing that quite well”. The things they’re doing well, you’ve got to acknowledge. But that’s taking place 24 hours a day. That’s why they had no choice but to grow. I don’t know about anything else, though. But what God wants from us is for us to focus on this for 24 hours a day. That’s the direction we must head to in the future.
3)Assistant Pastors and Next Generation
▶Although it’s included in this, I believe that there are 2 things that we must really focus on in the future. The assistant pastors and the next generation. Ask all the assistant pastors. I’m sure almost all of them are thinking, “One day, I’m going to leave this church and do something for myself”. And they’re gritting and bearing through things with that one hope. That’s why those who move too quickly are suffering so much. This is the reality of the Korean churches. But they (assistant pastors and next generation) are the future. And no one finds this unfortunate. That’s what’s making the world’s churches face difficulties. That’s why a lot of people go out, plant a church, and face hardships. Because they’re not ready for that…
The church should have a system in which the assistant pastors think that it’s okay for them to be there for the rest of their lives. Think about why I spoke about the Calvary Church. We all really need to think about this.
What does God really want in the future? If we don’t think about that, then we’re the same as animals. If all we’re thinking about is how we can eat well and have a lot of fun, we’re the same as animals. This is not your average problem. It’s a problem of the world’s churches. And the problem of Korea’s churches. These people… They just go to the church to be a pastor and they just quit. But at least, in Korea, it’s a little better. In America and Europe, these pastors all have other jobs. This is the way things are headed. The next generation. This is what you must pray about.
▶This is the conclusion we come to. What God absolutely needs. We need to at least do that. Then answers will come automatically. The people around you will automatically see and know that change arose.
You must really begin this in prayer. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the evangelists throughout the nation and the world, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)