06.21.2021 – Conquer in Advance

06.21.2021 – Conquer in Advance

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 12/19/2020

Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (46)- Conquer in Advance

Scripture: Psalm 18:1

♠Introduction- Spiritual Summit Who Has the Gospel

▶It’s needed for everyone, but today especially, we’re having this time for our “Summit Forum 2nd Class”.

▶The characteristic of the ones who succeeded, among the remnants, is that they conquered in advance.

But there are things you should be cautious of here as well. Majority of the people are striving for success. So they try for that. There are some people who put in their greatest efforts and achieve the greatest success. But this is what our remnants must know. Many people have succeeded, but in actuality, hardships come. But they can’t speak of that. They can’t speak of that to the world and they can’t receive help from the world either. And that’s why people choose religion. But that’s the bigger problem. They think that it would be okay if they go to church, but just going to church is religion. Ultimately, they reach this kind of outcome. “Well, I went to church but it’s nothing.”

▶Because this is a very important part, you need to live a life that has completely realized the Gospel.

If you look in David’s psalms (Psalm 18:1), you can see the accurate Gospel.

It says here, “Lord, you are my strength; I love you”. These words may seem simple, but he’s not asking for anything. He’s confessing tremendous things. He wasn’t speaking about his power. He said, “O Lord, my strength”. He wasn’t asking the Lord to help him. He confessed, “Lord, I love you”. Besides this, if you look at many of David’s psalms, you’re able to really see the accurate Gospel. How important is this? He said, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want”. If it’s to this extent, it means he went to the tremendous place of the spiritual summit.

▶Introduction- Gospel Spiritual Summit

That is why, the most important thing is to become the spiritual summit that has the Gospel. All 7 remnants were like that. You’re also able to see in David’s words (Psalm 78:70-72). It says that while he was a shepherd, God raised him as a king. So he conquered in advance. And he also possessed this power. So do not lose hold of this. The majority of the people lose hold of this. It’s not merely the “spiritual summit”, but the “Gospel Spiritual Summit”. Many people who worship idols also have “spiritual summits”. If you lose hold of this now, it’ll greatly be to your loss.

1)New Imprint (Gospel)- Spiritual Summit

▶That’s why you must begin this new imprint. Look at the thing that David wrote. Look at what David said at the very end. It’s what he said at the end (1 Chronicles 29:10-14). It’s what he said after completing all the preparations for the temple construction. He used words that are completely different from what we would say or unbelievers would say. Already, here, he says, “You exalt and lower people.” That’s in the Lord’s hands. Most times, we say, “We were able to do this because we gave a lot of offering”, but he (David) says, “We were able to give with what you already gave to us”. He said something that was completely different. Most times, we say, “We collected all this offering and this is all the money we gave”. But he says, “It’s the Lord’s grace, that He has given this all to us so that we can give to him”. That is why the Gospel needs to continue to be imprinted in you. This is the spiritual summit. You see tremendous things come from this. Look at Joseph as well. Even though he suffered so much, what did he say in the end? He didn’t just say, “God sent me here.” He said, “God sent me ahead of us”. You must become like this. If you don’t become the Gospel Spiritual Summit, you’ll ultimately suffer. Then you’re going to have to suffer like the unbelievers.

2)New Root (Only, Uniqueness, Re-Creation)- Skill Summit

3)New Nature- Cultural Summit

▶Once you become the Gospel spiritual summit, your new roots and new nature begins to be formed. What comes from here? You begin to be rooted in this but it doesn’t just come out. The important “only, uniqueness, and re-creation” comes out. That’s what the Gospel is. Because you don’t accurately know the Gospel, even if you get rooted in prayer, you won’t have: only, uniqueness, and re-creation. But if you do have this, that becomes the skill summit. But what do we mean by this “new nature”? Simply put, through this, you’re able to conquer the culture.

There are some important things here.

(1)7 Talents- What do we see here? We see the “talent” we spoke about till now. We spoke about the 7 stages for finding the 7 talents. What’s the very first? It’s the stream of the Gospel, the stream of the Word. What follows is, going beyond the stories of great individuals, the stories of the people of God. The remnant. What goes beyond that is not just the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the basics. This is talking about worship. The Jewish ideology of keeping the Sabbath holy, in one sense, helps them to concentrate. But it’s not really right. By doing this, you find “only, uniqueness, and re-creation”.

(2)9 Streams- Then, you can see the very important, 9 streams.

(3)CVDIP in Advance- And by doing that, you find your CVDIP in advance. That’s why we use the words, “Conquer in advance” and “Fulfill in advance”. That’s what we mean when we say, “Seeing, having, and enjoying in advance”.

▶Main- Stream of Gospelization

Our remnants must remember. And now, what about our lives? This isn’t the Gospel, it’s “gospelization”. The Gospel must become the gospel for you. We’re talking about the stream of gospelization. This is our life. What we need to study? You know this better than me. But in order to really succeed, you need to know this background in the Bible.

1.Gospel (Covenant)

▶Let’s look at David. Look at how he had the covenant.

1)Psalm 1:1-6

▶Already, here, he said tremendous things. He talked about those who are blessed and those who are not. Here, he was so skilled that he says it this way. “Who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked. Nor sit in the seat of scoffers.” Because if you are in that kind of position, you are not blessed. What he’s saying, is that he doesn’t need to be in that kind of place. Because he has received this blessing.

2)Psalm 14:1

▶Psalm 14:1 is also what David said. He talked about the fools. He doesn’t say, “The fools say, ‘There is no God’”. They say in their heart, that there is no God. It may look as if they’re believers, but they don’t really believe. It’s very profound, what he’s saying. With their lips, they may not say it. But in their heart, they say that there is no God. Look at people inside the church. They’re so shaken over one small position or seat. That means they realistically don’t believe in God. And you’re shaken so much because of material wealth. That means that you don’t realistically believe. It’s not a problem at all, but they get lost in problems. So be sure of this covenant today.

3)Psalm 18:1

▶As I said before, “O Lord, my strength”.

4)Psalm 23:1-6

▶“The Lord is my shepherd.” There are some very important words after that. “That’s why I shall not want. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…” David did go through many of those things. Yet, he still said, “I shall not want”. And at the end, he said, “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever”. This is the background of the throne of heaven. God has raised you as great individuals. God has raised you so that you can save the world. So you must equip yourself with this power.


▶What comes from within this? You’ve got the Gospel, so from this point on, you’ve got to nurture your spirituality.

1)Psalm 78:70-72

▶What comes from here is, Psalm 78:70-72. Already, at the age that’s similar to yours, he had both spirituality and intellect. He grew this strength already, when he was a shepherd. Isn’t that amazing?

2)1 Samuel 16:13

▶So this is how David is recorded. “The Spirit of God rushed upon David in power.” This arose when he held on to the sure mission.

3)1 Samuel 16:23

▶In the places where David went, in the place where he praised, the evil spirits fled. He had this tremendous spirituality.

3.Skill (Psalm 78:70-72)

▶And amidst that, your skill needs to come. Your studies come to life.

1)Psalm- David wrote many psalms.

2)Praise- And David praised a lot as well. So he really was amazing. He wrote psalms and praised a lot.

3)Sense of Specialty- When he was tending his sheep, he had this tremendous sense of specialty. This is skill. This is what you must always enjoy so that you can overcome, no matter what the situation.


▶If that is so, what is the conclusion? There are a few conclusions. God did not just call you as the summit.

1)Summit of Establishing the Throne (God’s Kingdom)

▶He called you as this (summit of establishing the throne). To say that God’s kingdom has come? That’s it. This is what Jesus spoke about at the very end. It was so important that in the beginning, Jesus said, “The kingdom of God has come near”. And at the end, he spoke about the things pertaining to the kingdom of heaven. Simply put, you are the summit of establishing the throne. That is the blessing you will receive. Look at the remnants who were enslaved in Egypt. It’s not going to work with anything but this. We saw that they completely changed history through this. Look at the remnants during the time of war. There were people like David. And in the age of idolatry, there were people like Elijah. And even during the time of captivity, there were remnants like this. It goes beyond that. The place that Paul focused the most on was the synagogue. So when Israel became a wandering nation, that was all God’s plan. That’s when these teams began to conquer the world. That’s why you must always enjoy the blessing of enjoying the Gospel, every day. Then this power/strength is bound to come to you.

2)Renewal (Change)

▶What else is very needed and important? Renewal. Realistically, many people cannot renew. Because they’re unaware of this, they really can’t renew. In sense, you can say that Christianity is lagging behind about a century. We’re about a hundred years behind the people who are in the forefront. You must quickly see that. When we talk about “renewal”, we’re talking about change. It’s not just a change. It’s “transformation”, not “degeneration”. Rather, those who are degenerate cannot have transformation. So what must you renew? Let me give a simple example. Right now, we’re having an external audit. That’s renewal.

(1)Concept- What kind of renewal? We’re changing our concept. If the concept, the design is wrong, how can you build a house? If the construction is a mess, how can that house stay standing? That’s why we need to continue to have this renewal.

(2)Contents- Right now, we use the words “247, healing, and summit”. What does that mean? That’s the content. We’re renewing these kinds of things.

(3)System (Vessel)- And why are you receiving this intensive training? The reason for the intensive training is the system and the vessel. I remember speaking about this before. If you look at the successful people, there are 3 kinds of vessels. Those who have the vessel of a boss. Those kinds of people cannot do great things. There are those who have the vessel of a leader. They’re able to go together with others. Those who cannot go with others cannot succeed. But what’s greater than that? It’s the vessel of a commander. The commander is able to embrace enemies as well. That’s a true commander. They’re able to keep in mind, wrong/incorrect opinions. It’s the preparation of the vessel. You need to be able to have this kind of renewal.

3)24, 25, Eternity

▶And you must remember is that you must enjoy the blessing of 24 hours. You’re not just praying 24 hours a day. You’re being strengthened, 24 hours a day. You’re enjoying happiness, 24 hours a day. These things are very important.

▶So when you get the chance, you need to change the way you read as well. You don’t have much time. Yes, there are books that you need to finish all of, but you don’t have to do that for every book. You have to quickly catch on to the things that help you and give you strength. There are times when you have to be able to read 100 books a day. Only then can you survive. But if you’re holding on to 1 book for a whole week, how will you survive like that? That’s how I read. Later on, I realized that that’s how Harvard students read. Yes, there are separate books that you need to read from cover to cover.

▶For example, I read very deeply the books about religions and spiritual things.

Every chance you get, you need to catch on to how the 3 organizations are doing the spiritual things.

Only then will that become 24. I realized later that all that was God’s grace. There was a reason for all of that.

The meeting that we have today? This is also by God’s grace. Accurately speaking, perhaps, David might have unwillingly become this way. According to David’s confession… That was the Lord’s grace. You are in that place of grace. All you have left ahead of you is your mission. Because God gave it to you as grace… God gave you the greatest things so you’re able to stake your life with the little things you have. Because God gave you everything in the place where you are, in your field, you can reveal God’s evidence. Usually, as you do your work, you should be able to pray, 24 hours a day. I’ve said this to you before as well.

▶Many people ask. Especially people who come from America… They ask me, “Should I go to those centers or institutions where they teach you about breathing?”. I say that it’s better for them not to. The reason is because you need to be realistically doing that, 24 hours a day. Beginners are the ones who go to those places to learn. Isn’t that so? Once this becomes a part of all areas of your life, you have stability. Especially, through prayer, your life settles. No matter what situation you face, it’s all okay. When a problem comes, tremendous answers follow. We call that “25 hours”. Unbelievers are moved by that, 25 hours. Why? Because when we say “25”, God’s works have risen. But there’s something these people don’t know. You began with the eternal things and you’re going to leave behind eternal things. Average churchgoers, people who just go to church don’t know.

The start of your blessings here? That’s eternity. The masterpiece you finish with is also eternal. Right now, we’re talking about David. It’s eternal.

▶I give so much thanks to God. The fact that you exist. The fact that we have our professors? It’s something to be so thankful for. The more I think about it, the more it’s God’s grace. The more I think about it, the more thankful I am. Those who don’t have thanksgiving, who aren’t grateful, will die. That means they don’t have the covenant. To be able to give thanks even with the little things? That doesn’t mean you’re a small person. It’s not that you’re a small individual. You’ve seen everything.

When Joseph went to prison, if you look at the overall picture, that was a very good thing. Isn’t that so? Daniel was about to give thanks. How could he give thanks? He got on his knees to earnestly pray and he gave thanks. Simply put, he gave a prayer of thanks. That means that he saw the eternal things as well as his whole life. He thought, “If I’m going to die now, it’s better that happens. Not that God is going to save me…” But he gave thanks as he prayed.

▶If you live out the rest of your life, holding on to this covenant, God will be the One to answer. Let us pray.


May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all things, the great of love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all remnants, be upon all businesspeople who are listening to the Word today, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)