06.19.2021 – Send People (One Who Commissions)

06.19.2021 – Send People (One Who Commissions)

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Message: Southeast Asia Evangelism Conference, Lecture 2- 12/15/2020
Title: Send People (One Who Commissions)
Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-12,13

▶“The Watchman with the Eyes of the Gospel” was our first lecture.
Now, what is the second covenant that you must hold on to? Going beyond just being a watch person, you must be the people who send. They’re also called “dispatchers”. You must hold on to the prayer covenant as someone who commissions people.
In order to do that, you must be able to see the important thing. See the blessing of the throne of heaven. And also, speak about the future. If you have this power, you’ll be able to commission people to the ends of the earth. “Southeast Asia is no longer the region in need of missions. Now, we are a region that sends out missionaries.” If you open up your eyes to see that, you’ll see many things. Even when I went to Japan and other places overseas, there were Filipinos there. Because Filipinos can speak English very well, they can go anywhere. And they say, in one day alone, there are over a thousand Filipinos who are traveling through our nation’s airports. That’s how many people who come in and go out.

▶Introduction- 25 Hours
Commissioning out people all over the world? If we’re not careful, it could just end as a rally cry. You have to be in this position. And what is that position? It’s this (25 hours). At our level, we cannot commission people to the world. With your power, you cannot commission people. But you can commission with this mystery of 25 hours.
1)25 Contents
▶Then in order to do this, you need to know the 25-hr contents. You need to be inside of this. What do we mean by “25-hr contents”? It’s very important.
(1)Trinity- The Triune God, unseen to our eyes, is dominating everything. You being inside of that is what we call, “25”. This is very important.
(2)Status (Background)- You have your status. And there absolutely is a background to this status. You have this background. You’re inside of this.
(3)Authority (Background)- And amazing authority has been given to you as well. He gave you this. You’re being inside of that. God gave you this blessing and as God’s child, you’ve been given the blessing of the background of heaven. You’re not just simply enjoying this, but God has given you the authority to break down darkness. You are inside of this.
2)Open Three things
▶If you have this, you can see tremendous things. What can you see? You are inside of this, 24 hours a day. And inside of that, you view everything with the eyes of the Gospel. Then this answer begins to come. At this time, you see 3 very important things. When you are inside of this content, God opens your eyes. He opens your eyes.
(1)Logos- Rhema (Message)- What is the first? You see God’s Word. This recorded Word, logos, comes to you as rhema. This is coming to you as rhema. And what can you do at this time? You can give a message to anyone. This opens first.
▶How great of a power is this? Once that takes place, if it is really God’s plan, world evangelization is possible. When God has called you for world evangelization, everything else follows. That’s a sure thing. Money, that you love the most, will follow. But if you follow it, you die. Money follows you. Those who follow after success are the people of the world. But success follows us. People who follow and chase after money are heading towards disaster. But that money follows you. Isn’t that so? It’s a tremendous difference. Especially our remnants must never lose hold of this. You’re not following after the world. You’re not chasing after success. You’re not chasing after money. That kind of person cannot be a summit. Those things need to follow and chase after you. Rather, we should yield along the way. Because those things follow you. You need to be cautious along the way, because a lot will come. You have to discern as you go. Because a lot will come. You’re able to see this.
(2)The place- And then, what do you see? I use this word. You see that place, the field. When you say “field”, that can refer to many things/places. But there’s “the place” that God has pinpointed.
(3)Summit position- And what else? You don’t just see the place. You see your summit position. “Oh, that is the summit position”. Then you’re bound to win. Only then can you have 25 hours. This is the answer.
3)GOD’S Future
▶And the 3rd thing comes to you. You see something very important. You’re able to see God’s future. Look at all this.
(1)RT7- The 7 remnants.
(2)Parents- And the parents who helped the 7 remnants. Isn’t that so?
(3)Teachers- And the people who taught these 7 remnants. They all received this. This is 25. What is the blessing of 25? The working of the Triune God. The background of heaven comes upon you as answers. With that authority, you’ll overcome the forces of darkness. 25. From this point on, the Word clearly opens up. The place opens up. The position you must head to opens up. And what else? You’re able to see God’s words, future, and plan, no matter what anyone says.
▶All the people who have been receiving training until now, do not worry.
We’re going to shift everything towards the 237 Center. And at that time, we’ll call you. We’ll call you into the field where we can really communicate with the message.
The lectures that we’ve had until now? They’re meaningless. We’re going to start everything anew. We can head the way we’re going now, to different parts like Southeast Asia missions. And together with you, we’re going to have full-fledged training here at the 237 Center. The training will be different from before. We’re going to have the message and forum. We’re going to converse together. In the past, we only had one lecture but now, we’re going to go from 9-12. And after lunch, after having a break, we’re going to go from 3 to the evening. And we’ll fully communicate with each other. That’s why we’re telling people not to record anything. Next time, when we have our 237 training, we’re going to turn off all our cell phones and talk to each other very comfortably. That’s how it should be. Listening to a lecture, then leaving? Repeating that like we’re doing now? I want to get rid of that wall.
And together with you, we want to focus everything on the 237 training as we head out. That’s God’s plan. Saving the 237 nations isn’t going to work through some slogan. It’s through this content. Isn’t that so? It works through this content. The 25-hr contents.
So starting from this point, look at the 7 remnants. It happened exactly this way. What is the common answer here? “The Lord is with me.” When a person, who has received answers, says this, it’s powerful. When a powerless person says this, it sounds ridiculous. But when someone like Joseph, who received this, says this, everyone says “amen”. This background was amazing. God’s Word came upon them. Isn’t that so? It wasn’t simply just His Word. His plan for what will happen in the future was revealed. It wasn’t just any plan, but God’s plan for the future.

▶Main- Following GOD’S Aim
From this point on, there is something that will follow. There will be “God’s aim” that follows. God has a goal (or aim).

1.Stump Movement
▶What is this? Why is God doing this? There’s a simple answer. We call this the “Stump Movement”. The reason why God sent you all over the world is so that you can do the Stump Movement. This is what’s different. Moving forward, we’re going to go into America and all over the world with this training, in full-scale.
1)Those who remained (Gospel restoration)
▶There’s an important term here. We call them, “those who remained”. You are those who remained. God wants you to restore this very important Gospel. Do you understand that? God is telling you to do the Stump Movement. Until now, there have been many missionaries who went out just raising a slight wind. God is telling you to do the Stump Movement. The people of Southeast Asia who are scattered all throughout the world, do the Stump Movement.
2)Those who remain (Power restoration)
▶As who? As those who remain. Not with nothing. Those who remain. As those who remain… From those who remained to those who remain. God wants you to have the restoration of power. Power restoration. This is what He’s telling you to restore. He’s saying that He’ll give this to you. He promised.
3)Those who will remain (Culture restoration)
▶He has called you as those who will remain. What is this? As those who will remain… God gave this promise to you. The restoration of culture. Because you are the ones who will remain. This is how the Stump Movement moves on step by step.
4)Leave behind (Next Generation)
▶Finally, God has called you as those who will leave behind. As those who will leave this behind. Ultimately, God has blessed you as those who leave behind. To restore the next generation through these people. The next generation. This is what He wants you to completely restore. This is the Stump Movement.
▶Of course, we do need to do the external movement that makes a lot of noise. We need to give food as well. Give clothes. And at times, hold a feast. On the outside, we do need to do that. But in actuality, realistically, do the Stump Movement. Even Jesus, in the beginning, healed all the sick and did separate discipleship training with his disciples. You need to catch on to Jesus’ method. He raised up the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish and separately told the disciples, “No, that’s not it”. That’s the education we need to give. After that miracle of 5 loaves and 2 fish, there were 12 baskets left. Everyone was in a frenzy saying, “Hallelujah”. He said, to his disciples, “Come here”. He took a handful of his disciples and said, “That’s not it. All that? It’s meaningless. What saves is the Spirit. The flesh counts for nothing”. These words were spoken at that time. The Stump Movement. Do you understand? The leaders of Southeast Asia, you must remember. If you’re actually inside of this, you’ll see the rest. Why? Because it’s something that follows. This is God’s aim/goal.

2.Tool Restoration
▶What is the second thing that comes? From this point on, there is restoration of our tools. This is what’s restored. What’s the most important thing regarding the restoration of our tools?
1)Leverage- Capable people
▶Leverage. This gets restored. This leverage is referring to the capable people, the gifted and talented. This is what gets restored. This is what’s called “leverage”. This follows. Inside of number 1, these kinds of people come out.
2)Vessel- Contents
▶And finally, your vessel is prepared. What is this vessel? It’s this content. This is the content so no one can stop it. These kinds of answers come.
3)Transmission- Healing
▶From this point on, you have transmission. You must remember this. What is transmission? It’s healing. What is the greatest key of missions? It’s healing. You already have the content, the Gospel, so the greatest key is healing. All spiritual and physical things are in need of healing. It’s possible only through the Word.
4)Masterpiece- Nobody
▶From this point on, what comes? You have your complete masterpiece. What is this? This masterpiece is the very important masterpiece of “Nobody”. This is what comes.
5)Platform- Media
▶And then, what follows? Finally, as you know well, the platform. Without all this, can you have the platform? From this point on, you have the platform. Once you have this platform… Simply put, this platform is talking about media.
▶You must remember this. Currently, we’re using media as a method for training and relaying the messages. After we gather people at the 237 Center, we do the training of changing. Once we do the healing inside here, we’ll send the message outside. This COVID pandemic is lasting a long time and, in a sense, there’s a reason for us. Outside, we send the message. Inside, we train. So the role of the broadcasting station becomes pivotal in the future. Last time, I saw that our Elder Chung Myung-Ju gave a significant amount of offering to our broadcasting station. I said to myself, “A person who is being led is surely different”. He didn’t even ask us about it. Why do you think he gave that offering to the station? He recognizes that this is very important for world missions. We don’t have a choice in this age we live in. It’s through these kinds of things that the world is moving together.
But because in-depth healing training isn’t taking place, we call in people, have them concentrate, and send out the message again. Do you understand? Media. Do it in Southeast Asia. Send out the message all over the world. From among them, call out and gather the disciples, train them, transform them, and heal them.
6)Outsourcing- Synergy
▶Now, what do you do with this platform all throughout the world? You’re outsourcing it. Why do we outsource? This brings out the synergy effect. So that everyone can live. These are the kinds of answers that come. Remain inside the blessing of 25 hours. That’s the power of those who commission and send out. Commissioning is about doing the Stump Movement. From this point on, you utilize these tools.

3.RUTC Movement
▶The last thing that comes. By doing that, restore the RUTC. That’s what this means. You’ve got all your answers and you see God’s journey.
▶What is this? It’s Deuteronomy 6:4-9. You must not lose hold of this content. “Remember the Exodus. Completely imprint that. Make the 3 Feasts your imprint, root, and nature. What is inside the ark of the covenant? Make that your imprint, root, and nature.” Then you’ll prevail. “Hear O Israel.” Deuteronomy chapter 6. It’s talking about this movement.
2)1Sam 7:1-15
▶The Mizpah Movement. He’s telling you to do this movement. Do you understand? But if you have this movement without going through the first steps, it’s just a meeting. If you make this with the content of 24 and 25, the world can come to life/be revived. In one sense, it’s much better to do this from Southeast Asia, than Korea. Rev. Kim Jin-Kyu is focusing a lot on the Philippines and he thought of that well. The way I see it, each nation in Southeast Asia has their own traits. But among them, the Philippines are quickest in terms of globalization. You must not take these lightly. Absolutely go through these steps. Do 2 things. The Watchmen Movement and the Commissioning Movement. The 24 Movement and the 25 Movement. Just do that. All our disciples throughout Southeast Asia are listening to this message right now. Now, enter into 24 hours as a watch person. Then you will stand as a commissioner who sends people out all over the world.
3)2Kings 6:8-24
▶What is the goal? The RUTC Movement. 2 Kings 6:8-24. The Dothan Movement.
4)Isa 62:6-12
▶We saw this in our first lecture today as well. Isaiah chapter 62, the Watchmen Movement. This is how it came.
5)Acts 17:1, 18:4, 19:8
▶That’s why Paul plowed into the synagogues. He didn’t just go in. He set a plan and went in. He went in, according to his customs. He went every Sabbath. He focused on this for 2 years. Do you understand? 3 movements. It’s the Stump Movement, Tool Movement, and RUTC Movement. This is the way to save the world. Hold to this as your covenant.

▶Starting now, all those in Southeast Asia, come to this conclusion.
▶Southeast Asia needs to carry out the role of a headquarters that communicates best with Korea. It’s also called HQ. Headquarters. Carry out the role of the headquarters.
(1)Training- This means, join hands with Korea and do the same training.
(2)Evidence- And connect the materials. This is training through which you become one with HQ. When I look at people overseas, even in in the church, this is what I would do. Make a system that’s completely in line with headquarters. Have all the materials there. Isn’t that so? All the important pictures? Leave them there. Have all the things they had for Remnant Day so that everyone can come to see. So that they could come and see, “What is this?”. And you can say, “You do this too”. You need to save the world by doing that. I keep using the term “headquarters”, but putting our strength together? That’s headquarters. What is headquarters? Putting our strength together. That’s headquarters. And following God’s will.
2)RT- Summit
▶And all of you in Southeast Asia, do this second thing. No matter what, do the Remnant Summit Training. You must do this. You need to make a system to teach the remnants how to pray. Make this system. Remnants don’t know how they’re supposed to pray.
▶So wherever you are in Southeast Asia, make this church. In addition, we’re going to try to do this at Immanuel Busan and Seoul. Let me give you one example. One good example, of good history, and one bad. For example, go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. They have all the records of how the Jewish people were massacred and their 2,000-year history for other Jews and people of the world to see. When the Jewish people see that, they completely resolve in their hearts.
And they end with that, but we must not end like that.
“How do you actually pray? Why must we actually save the world? Why did the world become this way?” Israel doesn’t reflect about why that happened. “Then, what must we do?” Starting now, pray every day for this kind of training. The answer will come. It has to be the answer that God gives for it to be true answer. Pray every day about it.
3)Mission→ Missions
▶And give them the mission. How far must this mission be taken for it be considered “good”? So that it becomes “missions”. The words may seem similar, but they’re different. What is “mission”? It’s the mission given to you. It’s the duty that you must carry out. What is “missions”? Actually doing world missions. So it’s different. So hold to this covenant and begin to pray. At this time, what happens? The very first thing. God blesses the church officers. Isn’t that so? Think about it. Prior to Moses, God blessed Elder Jethro. More than the 7,000 disciples, God blessed Obadiah first. Before Rome Evangelization, God blessed the church officers of the early church. You must hold to this. What’s the reason? Because you must revive the evangelists. What do you do after you raise the evangelists? Raise the next generation.

▶We’re coming to the close of our lecture. You must not lose hold of this.
Starting now, continue to enjoy the blessing of 24 hours and 25 hours. Starting now, enjoy the blessing of the watch person and the one who sends people out. How? Enjoy this 24 hours and 25 hours a day. People think that 25 hours is difficult, but it’s easy. When you’re facing something. Enjoy 25 hours. When you’re working, what do you do? You don’t really enjoy 25 hours. You don’t enjoy the Gospel 25 hours. But you need to. And when you meet people. You can meet people you match with and don’t match with. You can meet good and bad people. But the 24-hr prayer of enjoying the Gospel, that you enjoy at this time, will change into 25 hours. Many incidents are bound to arise in our lives. We’re enjoying the Gospel, 24 hours a day. Then that will change into 25 hours. Do you understand what I’m saying? “How can you pray 24 hours a day?” No, you’re enjoying the Gospel. Then that changes into 25 hours. People who aren’t that smart think that it’s a loss for them.
▶I let most things go. But people with a low IQ ask, “Why is he not doing anything?”. They’re saying words that are the level of a really low IQ. When a flood comes, you shouldn’t try to fight against it. You’ll get swept away. You just need to stay still. Someone once said. What should you do when a cup is frozen? Should you be breaking the ice? Then the cup is going to break as well. You just need to let it be. And in the spring, you can just take it out. Why would you try to break through the ice and end up breaking the cup? Even Jesus said. There are weeds among the wheat (Matthew chapter 13, parable of the weeds). “Just leave them be.” Jesus said to just leave them be. Because as you try to pick out the weeds, you might lift up the wheats too. There’s another reason why you should leave them be. You use them for the fire when making the food. You use the weeds for the fire so that you can make bread with the wheat. Because they didn’t understand this at all, Jesus explained through a parable.
In Matthew chapter 13, there were 2 reasons why he explained this through parables. So that those who received salvation can understand. So that those who have not received salvation cannot understand. That’s why he used parables. So when he gave these parables and made a joke about something, there were those who understood and those who didn’t. That’s a good thing. Those who are set to understand will understand and those who are set to not understand will not understand.
▶You are children of God. There is a sure covenant. We’ve confirmed God’s Word. If we continue this way, Southeast Asia is a very important place. The powerful nations have become too great and diseased. The underdeveloped nations are in such difficult and hard situations. God has called you right in the middle and will use those of you in Southeast Asia. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that you may accurately hold on to this year’s message.

God, we give you thanks. Would you raise up the disciples you will use in Southeast Asia. May 24 and 25 arise. May the Watchmen Movement and Commissioner Movement arise. May your kingdom be established. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)