06.17.2021 – Levites’ Duties

06.17.2021 – Levites’ Duties

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 12/13/2020
Title: Levites’ Duties
Scripture: Numbers 18:1-7

1)Scar +Scar= Spiritual Problem→ What we need to know ahead of time is that people are scarred. Because they don’t have the Gospel, they’re bound to receive scars. If they surely have the Gospel, it would become a blessing, but they have scars. And on top of that, they receive more scars. This is why depression, other mental illnesses, and spiritual problems come. No one can solve this for them. There’s no one who can help them. But God has the power to heal this and He has showed the way. With Aaron’s budded staff, God gave a great shock of healing. So the power of God’s Word was imprinted upon everyone. This was the first service. You must always be inside of that. The power and shock of God’s Word will absolutely be fulfilled.
2)Worship that Moves the Throne, Temple that Continues→ There’s something even more important than this. It’s the worship that moves the throne of heaven. It’s the prayer that moves the throne of heaven. God extending out His hand of healing is important as well, but what’s more important is the worship that moves the throne. And what else? We must be able to continue this. That is the temple. No matter what anyone says, these 2 things: the worship that moves the throne and the temple that continues, are the greatest keys.
3)Me/Myself, Believer, World→ This isn’t just about healing “myself”. You’re able to heal other believers. This is what we’re trying to make right now. And then, what? Heal the world. It’s about healing the world.
▶If that is so, we see this once again today. We see “The Duties of the Levites”. Today, we read Numbers 18:1-7.

▶Introduction- Take a look here.
▶Written here are the Levites’ duties. Taking care of the temple. This duty is mentioned. What kinds of duties were mentioned? The things they were responsible for and the things they absolutely must keep. And now, it’s about what must be relayed. This is in the passage we read today. In verses 3-5, it says, “You must take responsibility, lest you die”. What are the things they must keep? Verse 4 shows that they must guard this so that other things don’t come in. Verse 7 says that the position of a priest has been gifted to them. Why? Because they must relay this.
(2)Things they Must Guard/Keep
▶The duties of the priest and what they must be responsible for. The things they need to protect/keep and relay. That’s how important it was.
▶And in all of Leviticus, you see the duties of the priests. Right now, we’re seeing how important the worship, that moves the throne, and the temple that continues this is.
(1)Transportation of the Tabernacle (Numbers 1:51)- In Numbers 1:51, it says, that they must be responsible for the transportation of the tabernacle. That’s Numbers 1:51. It was already mentioned before.
(2)Tabernacle of the Testimony (Numbers 1:53)- After that, in verse 53, it says, “Guard the tabernacle of the testimony”. That’s how important it was…
▶You must not take the worship hall and temple lightly. There are things here that can continue tremendous things. Do you understand what I’m saying? There are so many people who are spiritually ill right now and that number will continue to increase. They must receive this amazing shock of life, of the Word, and they need this worship that moves the throne. And something that’s as important as this? In order to have continuation, the facilities are needed. That is the temple. Already, we’re able to have completely different facilities here and in the Jangjidong region. And the way I see it, you’re not able to do this if you’re a church in the middle of the city of Seoul. Whether it’s healing, 24 of 237, or 24-hr summit, it’s difficult to do this. Unless you build a huge, tall building, it would be difficult. So God told them to guard the tabernacle of the testimony. Why? Because it’s important.
(3)Chief/Head (Numbers 3:52)- The heads and those in charge of the tabernacle of the testimony must be led by the Levites. God told them to lead the heads and all those who were in charge of the holy place. That’s Numbers 3:52. You continue to see the duties and tasks of the Levites.
(4)First of Everything (Numbers 3:48)- And what else? “Give first of everything to the Levites.” That’s how important it was. Those of you in charge of the temple are so important that He said, “Give the first of everything to the Levites”. Numbers 3:48.
▶When you receive the Word well, tremendous works arise. When you receive the shock and impact of the Word, healing arises, but when you receive the Word, the works of the throne absolutely take place. Right now, at this time. You must listen well. Most people try to pray to receive answers. That’s a very low-level faith. “I’m going to pray and receive answers.” It’s not wrong. But there is an answer that gets fulfilled when we’re inside God’s covenant, inside God’s Word, and when we’re continuously enjoying the blessing of the throne. Yes, it’s important for a student to be able to find the right answers on the test. But it’s more important to answer the question on the test after building up steady skills and studying. Then the fact that you’re riding the stream of this Word and firmly holding on to the Word covenant means this is a tremendous thing.
▶Interestingly enough, there are remnants who are busy overseas, who never lose hold of the messages. Isn’t that interesting? They all succeed. She’s busy right now, but our Elder Choi’s daughter is also a professor. Professors are busy, especially in America. They gather together the messages they’ve organized and send them to me. They also gather together with Professor Kim everyday and do Word forum. That seems like nothing, right? But that becomes the way for them to receive and enjoy answers their whole lives. But strangely enough, there are important people who lose hold of the Word and just roam about. Hardships always come to those people. It’s unfortunate. It’s not just something simple. In a sense, the worship that you give and the temple is everything. It all came from within this for Israel. Those who know this are the ones who do temple construction. Just saying that you’ll do it? There are so many churches that fall into trials amidst church/temple construction. Look at this well. The servants of the Lord who serve for this worship are so important that God said, “Give them the first of everything”.
(5)Lay Hands on Head (Numbers 8:12)- And something very important was mentioned. “The Levites shall lay their hands on the head of the bulls.” These important duties and tasks are being mentioned. Numbers 8:12. What is this? These are very important words. Why would the priests lay their hands on the heads of bulls or rams? What comes to mind? This is something unbelievers cannot understand at all. What does this mean? This is transferring all of man’s sins and all of our curses to the head of this bull. This is very important. This is saying that Jesus Christ will destroy all curses and the authority of the force of darkness on the cross.
▶So the very first thing Jesus did, when he came to do his ministry, was asking John the Baptist to baptize him. Isn’t that so? It’s a similar image. When he asked John the Baptist to baptize him, John the Baptist said, “I cannot. How can I dare give you a baptism?”. That’s what he said. What did he say at the time? “Through that, let’s fulfill God’s will together.” These are very important words. There are words in the Bible that unbelievers can understand, but in the Bible, there are also words that only believers can understand. There are also separate words that only the disciples, who will move the world, will understand. In actuality, if you understand and realize the Gospel correctly, there’s nothing to worry about. Because everything gets connected to answers… Do you dislike it when many answers come? Everyone must like it. For the person who has opened their eyes to this, all problems are answers. They don’t become discouraged. It’s an answer. Why would you be discouraged? So for Joseph, who had the answers because the power of God’s Word came upon him, everything was an answer. It’s not just about not knowing anything and blindly saying “Amen”. This is about discovering the plan that God has given. As you complete the temple/church construction, you must also complete your answers. How’s your business? You need to have the power/strength to lead the businesses of unbelievers. What about our remnants? Your studies aren’t everything. Your academics and skills must be enough to lead the world. After our temple/church is completed, tremendous works will arise in this region in the future. This is what it says about the Levites.
(6)Set Apart (Numbers 8:14)- And God also said that they have been set apart. How important are they? In Numbers 8:14, it says that they have been set apart.
(7)On Behalf (Numbers 8:19)- What’s more important? This isn’t everything for the Levites. More importantly, in Numbers 8:19, it says that they are ones to serve on behalf of all the people. Because the other Israelites need to work, the Levites are the ones who are doing this service on behalf of all of them.
▶You see the traits and characteristics of these Levites. What kind of traits do you see?
(1)Land (Numbers 1:47)- Numbers 1:47. All the tribes were given land, but the Levites were not to be allotted land. Numbers 1:47. Why is that? Because they have to guard and protect the all too important temple. That’s why. If you quickly understand these words, the answers are the same now. So you’re able to see and realize how important the servants of the Lords and many assistant pastors are. What’s the reason for that? Because the people are important. They are the ones who guard the temple on behalf of the people. In the end, this is what this all means.
▶No matter how much I think about it, my sermons are a bit hard. Isn’t that so? If you don’t understand these words, you’ll be in great trouble. But I guess people find it difficult to understand. But I can’t say other things in order to explain things more simply for you. I can’t talk about funny things for you. I can. I was quite funny back in the day. I could put on a show and talk about other things to appeal to your emotions. But I mustn’t do that. If you don’t know this right now, you’ll be in great trouble. All the churches are perishing. That’s why the world’s churches are closing their doors. It’s unfortunate. When an unbeliever hears this, they’ll be even more dumbfounded. “What is he saying?” However, the saved people of God understand. Those who will receive God’s answers will understand. Those who will carry out the wishes of God will understand. That’s what this means. How important is this? “Don’t give them land.” These are not just your average words. “They need to stake their lives every day at the temple and pray.” So on behalf of the people, they must enjoy the blessing of the throne and relay it.
(2)48 Cities- Not only that. Look at their traits. They were scattered to 48 cities. What does this mean? They were told to guard each city took. “Don’t receive land. Be scattered throughout all the cities and enjoy this blessing there.”
(3)City of Refuge (Deuteronomy 4:41-43)- That’s not all. If you look in Deuteronomy chapter 4, there are 6 cities of refuge. In a sense, they’re similar to prayer sanctuaries or prisons. In another sense, they can be seen as healing centers. “Send out the Levites here.” These are very important words. This is in Deuteronomy 4:41-43.

▶Main- Then what kind of pastor/minister and temple must we build and raise up?