06.15.2021 – Power of the Evangelism Disciple→ Future World (Answer of the Throne)

06.15.2021 – Power of the Evangelism Disciple→ Future World (Answer of the Throne)

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Message: The 4th World Church Officer Conference, Lecture 3- 12/12/2020

Title: Power of the Evangelism Disciple→ Future World (Answer of the Throne)

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20


▶As we come to the close of our lectures, there’s a covenant that our church officers must hold to, 24 hours a day.

Honestly, I’ve only been praying about 24-hr evangelism. So there were other things that I would just let slide. But also, because of that, I received other answers. Because I’m focusing on evangelism 24 hours a day, I don’t really put my 24 on family and relatives. But rather, God gave me many blessings. I was able to enjoy many blessings of having my family and relatives really praying for me. Because I’m focusing on evangelism 24 hours a day, there are many holes in my personal life. But the many churches and adult pastors here really supported me. While focusing on evangelism 24 hours a day, did I not receive any answers? Not at all. Our organization has received more answers than any other organization. And often times, there are people who say, “There are strange people even in our Darakbang organization”. And God will take care of all that. If those kinds of people receive grace, they’ll be able to enjoy new blessings as well. But if they don’t receive grace, it’ll be to their loss, not to any one else’s loss. I’ve seen that a lot in my 30 years of evangelism. Those who don’t realize are the ones who fail. We continued to do this evangelism movement. And we’ll continue to do it. Our past is important, but our future is even more important. Putting those things in mind, I realized that all the previous things that happened to me were blessings.

▶Then there are 3 things that all our nation’s and world’s church officers must do for 24 hours. If you are a host to the evangelist, there are 3 things that you must do.

① Future Church (Word Fulfillment)- What are they? The future churches. The dependent churches are also included, but the future churches that you will enjoy. We’re talking about the future churches that are within the stream of gospelization. Then absolutely, the Word will be fulfilled. Because the church officers of the early saw this, they didn’t fear the hardships that came. Because they weren’t afraid. And they didn’t fear when they faced death either. Because they already knew.

② Future Economy (Work of Saving)- There’s a second thing you must do, 24 hours a day. That, as I said before, is being able to see this important future economy. You must open your eyes to the stream of gospelization and the eyes to save the individual. Because all the people are dying. Even though they may live in powerful nations, the individuals are dying. You have to pin your focus on saving them. And there are also people who are dying and facing hardships in your church. You must shift your focus on saving them. It may seem like a small thing, but the great door to future finances/economy will open. These 3 things must connect.

③ Future World (CVIDP)- The last thing that you must really grab hold of is setting the future world. This is what Jesus spoke about at the very end. You have to have the sure CVDIP regarding that. You put all this together and these are the “things pertaining to the kingdom of God”. If you summarize CVDIP, it’s the “things pertaining to the kingdom of God”.

▶You have to be sure about this. At this time, God will grant you the “Power of the Evangelism Disciple”.

He gives you the power of the evangelism disciple. Simply put, what is that? This answer will come to you (establishing the throne of heaven). The answer of establishing the throne. You can call it, “the blessing of the throne of heaven”. This begins to come upon you. This is Jesus’ promise. “I will be with you, always, with all authority in heaven and on earth.” These 3 things (future church +future economy +future world) are the “24” of all our church officers of Darakbang. While doing this 24 hours a day, go to worship at church tomorrow. It’s okay to cast everything else aside because everything is in this. There might be some things that you’re careless about, but God blesses that even more. God will grant the blessing of Word fulfillment, the economy of light and the blessing of the throne of heaven, which saves the world, to your businesses.


▶Introduction: Age of Disease (Heart, Thoughts, Mind)→ Blessing of Establishing the Throne

Because you have the fulfillment of the Word here, everything else follows. What’s the reason for that? An age of disease will come. You might be able to heal everything else, but the diseases will come to the heart, thoughts, and mind. There’s no other medicine for this than the Gospel. There’s no medication that can fix the diseases of the heart/mind. You might be able to suppress or force someone into “comfort”, but that won’t work. That’s why Jesus gave the blessing of the establishment of the throne. Only this can heal it.

1)Matthew 28:16-20 (All Authority in Heaven and On Earth)- He said something important in Matthew 28:16-20. He clearly spoke about this. “With all authority in heaven and on earth…” This comes upon you.

2)Mark 16:15-20 (Throne)- In Mark 16:15-20 as well, he says something very important. This blessing will come upon you as you go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel. That’s how it’s recorded in Mark 16:15-20.

3)Acts 1:1-14 (Things Pertaining to the Kingdom)- This was at the end, when Jesus called them to the Mt. of Olives and commissioned them to Mark’s upper room. At this time, he clearly spoke about the things pertaining to the kingdom of God. These 3 things are the blessing of establishing the throne.

▶Main- Future World
What did the church officers of the early church see? They surely saw the “future world”. Isn’t that so? From the perspective of these scripture passages, especially the last verse, we see that they certainly saw the future world. They held to the future world that God was creating. That’s why the Word was fulfilled. Healing arose. And the blessing of the throne of heaven came upon them. That’s a sure thing. Focus on this for 24 hours. Even when you go to work, do this for 24 hours. Even when you go to church, do this 24 hours a day. Even when you’re by yourself, do this 24 hours a day. When you read a book… “Then what about my home?” God will take care of it. He’ll do a better job of taking care of it. “What about my health?” God will guard it. In this way, try participating in the Core Training Message. In this way, try receiving training. And ultimately, go to your church and try listening to the message. You will be surprised. You’ll be so shocked by God’s Word. How? You’ll realize that it truly is the living Word. It comes to you. You’ll see how the Word leads you. You’ll see how God’s Word leads your church like the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud. That’s it.

1.The 1st Establishing of the Throne (Calvary)- Spiritual Realm/World→ Then where did the first “blessing of establishing the throne” take place? On Calvary. You must keep this in mind. What happened at this time? The tremendous spiritual realm, that God will establish, is formed. That’s the blessing of establishing the throne.
2.The 2nd Establishing of the Throne (Mt. of Olives)- God’s Kingdom→ After that, what is the second blessing of “establishing the throne”? What is this blessing? This is the Mt. of Olives. You must easily hold on to the covenant. At this time, as you know, the church that God will establish, is formed. Isn’t that so? God’s kingdom. These are the things that begin to take place.
3.The 3rd Establishing of the Throne (Mark’s Upper Room)- Door to Save the World→ Finally, what is the 3rd blessing of “establishing the throne”? This is your church. Marks’ upper room. This is how it’s fulfilled. Here, it’s not just limited to your church. But we see that the doors open to save the world as promised. This is true success.

1. The 1st Establishing of the Throne (Calvary)- Spiritual Realm/World
▶Then let’s check these points. Within the 1st blessing of establishing the throne, we see 3 tremendous things. What are they?
1)Matthew 28:1-15 (Suffering)- End
▶Matthew 28:1-15 is about Jesus’ suffering. On Calvary. But he ended everything there. Look carefully at this. Jesus’ suffering ended all curses. It ended all of Satan’s authority. It’s not something for you to cry over, but something for Satan to cry over. It’s what’s been promised.
2)Matthew 28:16-20 (Resurrection)
▶And what happened after this? Matthew 28:16-20. This is something you must remember. Every person will become like this. He resurrected as the firstfruits of the Resurrection. All scientists predict that the earth will end. Then what’s the next world? Being transformed to be able to enter into that new world is “resurrection”. That’s why Paul realized in 1 Corinthians chapter 15, “Christ, the firstfruits” (verse 23). That Christ has resurrected and working still, even now. It’s a tremendous spiritual world.
3)Matthew 28:18-20
▶So he said it this way. What did he say in Matthew 28:18-20?
(1)All Nations- All nations. What is the blessing that you will receive? “All nations.” In actuality, saving “all nations” is impossible.
(2)Disciple- But there’s a way that actually makes it possible. “Make disciples.” This is possible.
(3)Establishing the Church- There’s something more sure than that. Establishing them in the church. “Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”
▶Of course, the people who need to be the main figures of this are the Lord’s servants. But the ones who actually carried out this role were the church officers. Church officers must correctly hold on to the covenant because depending on the covenant you hold to, God will work. These are the words of our seniors and I believe that there’s some truth to them. “The capacity of the church is the pastor’s capacity. The level of the church is the level of the elders.” I believe that to be true. How large the church is going to spread to be a global church? That’s up to the pastor. But the level of that church follows the elders, the church officers. God is not a thief so He’s only going to give as much as your vessel is prepared. So you must surely hold to the covenant. A church officer who knows the spiritual world. He clearly said. The resurrected Lord will “always be with you, with all authority in heaven and on earth”.

2. The 2nd Establishing of the Throne (Mt. of Olives)- God’s Kingdom
▶He called them to the Mt. of Olives and gave them the second blessing of establishing the throne. “The things pertaining to the kingdom of God will take place for you.”
▶The sure evidence of that comes out. You must hold to the evidence first. What is it? The evidence of Christ. The resurrected Lord showed evidence.
(1)Christ- Christ. This evidence came. That’s what he (Luke) said in verse 1. “In the first book, O Theophilus…” He’s talking about Christ.
(2)Jesus is the Christ- What’s the important answer that comes from here? “Jesus is the Christ.”
(3)Jesus is the Christ- That “Jesus is the Christ”. This is evangelism. Christ himself is the evidence, but “Jesus is the Christ”. We say with our lips, “Jesus Christ”. This is a confession. When a believer says, “Because the world needs Christ, Jesus is the Christ”, this is evangelism. When we proclaim, we say, “Jesus is the Christ”. But when we confess, we say, “Jesus Christ”. This is our confession. On the Mt, of Olives, within this blessing (establishing the throne), concentration took place.
2)Concentration and Mission
▶He gave them concentration and mission together. There’s a need for the church officers to concentrate on the proper covenant. Our church officers must focus on these 3 things when possible. “What stream am I going to be in and what of my life will I give for our church and the future churches? When this Gospel changes into a movement, I need to do life-saving work. What kind of life-saving work will I do?” This is when the future economy is restored. But it doesn’t end with this for us. “An age of disease is coming. How will I hold on to the covenant and enter into this future world?” At this time, the blessing of the throne of heaven comes upon you. This concentration and mission need to be done, but what about it?
(1)40 Days- He did this for 40 days. “Does it have to be exactly 40 days?” I’m sure that’s not what this means. But that’s how much they concentrated.
(2)Things/Work- There, he didn’t just explain the kingdom of God, but the things/work pertaining to the kingdom of God.
(3)Earth- So he spoke about the things pertaining to the kingdom of God, that will take place on earth. We’re talking about how God’s kingdom in heaven is established here, on earth. This is the mission.
▶At this time, he promised. And it will continue to come to you. What did he promise?
(1)Filling of the Holy Spirit- The filling of the Holy Spirit. That’s what he promised.
(2)Power- He promised power.
(3)Witness- Witness. That’s what he promised.
▶So you’d be a fool to not receive this. There’s nothing to experience for this. What’s a promise? You just need to believe it. Do you know what the first sign of mental illness is? Not believing. You don’t believe anything. You don’t believe your husband’s words. You don’t believe your wife’s words. The things that are wrong? You don’t believe them even more. The bad things? You don’t believe them at all. You don’t believe anything. That’s the start of mental illness. Faith is believing in God’s covenant, no matter what it may be. “Even the wrong things?” Yes. Because that too, is God’s plan. God has a better plan. God can even change a person or take that person’s life. That’s God’s sovereignty. You must believe that. Someone is really tormenting you? God can either call them away or leave them. That’s God’s sovereignty. Isn’t that so? You must believe. “Just leave that wicked person?” That’s God’s sovereignty. There’s no need for us to challenge God’s sovereignty. Believe in His promise. “I will give you the filling of the Holy Spirit.” So don’t try to experience the Holy Spirit. Believe in it. You can experience it or not experience it. However, there is evidence. You gain power. That’s the evidence. Then, you become a witness. It’s different in each denomination, but in some denominations, they say, “You have to experience the Holy Spirit”. In some denominations, they say, “You don’t have to experience it. It’s already over”. In one way, you can use that as a bad excuse. For people who don’t believe at all, no works will take place. So that’s the excuse they could give. And people who believe incorrectly can have incorrect experiences. They may use that as an excuse. That’s a grave mistake. But the filling of the Holy Spirit is a spiritual thing, so you may or may not experience it. But the important thing is that God’s power is revealed. That’s why you become a witness. It’s a promise. You must believe it.

3. The 3rd Establishing of the Throne (Mark’s Upper Room)- Door(s) to Save the World
▶Now, for the 3rd blessing of establishing the throne, the doors of saving the world finally open. Do you know what the most important thing at this time is?
1)Meeting/Gathering of the Church Officers (Acts 2:9-11)
▶The meeting/gathering of the church officers began. It wasn’t just any kind of meeting. It was a meeting of those who knew these 3 things. You don’t need any other kind of meeting. The meeting of those who know these 3 things. That’s Acts 2:9-11. Church officers, you must listen to this message. And you need to hold on to it until the answers come. Church officers, if you’re not careful, you’re going to speak words of unbelief. So it’s the meeting of the church officers who know these 3 things.
2)Covenant that He Gave (Acts 2:14-21)
▶What arises at that time? The covenant that He gave at that time. That’s Acts 2:14-21. This was Peter’s sermon, but God gave that to him. You have to properly hold to the covenant for God to give the proper covenant to His servants/errand runners. There’s no restaurant that’s going to serve you palbochae (stir-fried seafood and vegetables) when you ordered jjajangmyeon (noodles). Isn’t that so? You need to order the food you’ll eat in order for the chef to make it. If you’re properly holding on to this covenant, God will see that and give His covenant. There are 3 things inside of this. The background on which He gave this Word, the stream, and the future. All that is there. This is what He gives. Then it’s not a matter of, “It’s taking place” or “It’s not taking place”.
3)Future Finances/Economy (Acts 2:43-45)
▶Finally, He gives you the future finances. Acts 2:43-45. The offering that you give is the future economy and the economy of light. In other words, it’s the economy that will receive the blessing of the throne. You gave your offering for the 2237 Center, right? This is going to be used continuously in the future for trainings. We also gave our offering for the RUTC broadcast. It’s the offering for the broadcasting station that gets aired all over the world. This church is the church that will save the world. Because these people gave offering for that, that’s the economy of light.
4)Future Field (Acts 2:46-47)
▶And what else? This shows the future field. What is that? Day by day in the temple courts and day by day in their homes. These kinds of amazing things took place. It wasn’t just any field. Day by day in the temple courts and day by day in their homes. This is the field that enjoys the blessing of the throne. It’s God’s temple, His Word, and the field. The field where those things become the same…
▶I’m sure there are people like this among you. People who think, “God’s Word has nothing to do with me”. Then that means God’s blessings have nothing to do with you either. “God’s Word is too difficult even thought I find it believable.” That means your life will be a bit difficult. “How is it that God’s Word really matches my field?” I’m sure there are people like this as well. That person is probably enjoying answers right now. That’s what we mean. “No matter how much I look at God’s Word, it really is the answer.” No matter how much you listen to the words of the people of the world, they’re wrong. But why do they say wrong/incorrect things? Because their situation leaves them no other choice. They’re bound to be that way because of their situation. The ruling party curses the opposing party and the opposing party curses the ruling party. They have no other choice in that situation. But it’s not like any of their words are life’s answers either. But when I look at the Bible, I think. “How can this be such an answer like this?”. We must make the future world that holds to this. You need be sure of this. Be sure of this to the point where you do this 24 hours a day. That’s all you need to do. So for this conference, don’t just receive answers in one part. You must continue to hold on to this (as a whole). Until it comes. Then it’s not something to label “easy” or “difficult”.

1)Begin Prayer
▶How? So that prayer begins. Prayer must really take place regarding future churches, future economy/finances, and the future world.
(1)Joy/Happiness- So that this time of prayer is a joyful time. I’m sure there are some of you who think, “I’m quite happy to communicate and converse with my wife”. “I’m so happy to talk with my husband.” I’m sure there are some people like that. That’s a good relationship. Isn’t that so? “I’m so comfortable not communicating with her. I’m at such peace, not communicating with my wife.” That’s the wife’s fault. There’s no need to even ask the reason or content. “I have no means of communication with my husband and it feels like heaven.” No matter what, that’s the husband’s fault. “It’s so much better that I’m not seeing him/her.” That’s what we call, “unhappiness”. You have be happy, praying. Isn’t that so? In movies and novels, women ask this a lot. They ask the men. “Do you love me?” It’s a very feminine question, but it’s a very pitiful question. This start of prayer must be joyful.
(2)Strength- And this must strengthen you.
(3)WIO- What you must be more cautious of, regarding prayer, is this third thing. You’re not asking for something. That too is needed, but that’s not it. It’s not even about, “I’ll do this”. “I’ll present my grudge and resentment.” That’s just your grudge and resentment. That’s not prayer. Then what is it? “God is with me.” Immanuel. “God is with us.” Oneness. “God is with everyone.” Having this enjoyment is prayer. And? Then you’ll naturally see this (future church). You’ll see the church where the Word is fulfilled. Conversely, you’ll see how your church is having the fulfillment of the Word. Then you can devote your life to that. Then what will you see? Whether in the church or outside, you’ll find the places you need to save. Even outside, you’ll see the places you need to save. There, you give your material wealth. That’s the economy of light. It goes beyond that. What about the world? It’s a diseased world. It’s world in which everyone is diseased. What must you do? You need to go to them. So you need power. That’s the power of the throne of heaven. That’s why we talk about the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, which point to Calvary, Mt. of Olives, and Mark’s upper room. This is something you must always enjoy.
▶At this time, there absolutely is an order. What kind of order? The filling of the Holy Spirit. I said this before. You must have faith for this. Always, wherever you are, “Lord, give me the filling of the Holy Spirit. Give me the filling of the Holy Spirit here, in this place”. Isn’t that right? Asking for t he Holy Spirit to completely take over you. That’s prayer. Praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit to come upon the person who comes to your mind. This is the order. And then, what? The guidance of the Holy Spirit. “How should I be led at this time?” This is prayer. The order. What takes place after that? The works of the Holy Spirit. Of course, the order may change depending on the situation, but that’s the most basic order.
3)Time Schedule- Eternity
▶What comes after that? Finally, you see the future with the time schedule. Isn’t that so? Because you’re living within time. We wear a watch, but we don’t wear time itself. Time is in God’s hands. There’s an important answer that appears at this time. At this time, there 3 things by which you can see all of the future.
(1)Romans 16:25, “What was kept secret for long ages.” This all comes as the future. This is normal. You lived a difficult life in the past. There are people who are still stuck there, buried by scars. That’s an unhappy future. But all the scars of your past come to you as springboards. We’re talking about this kind of future.
(2)Romans 16:26, Then what’s taking place now? “What has now been disclosed.” What is that? This is the future. Everything is the future. The past is the future and sitting here today is also the future.
(3)Romans 16:27, Then what is it? Our future as well as the eternal things are also the future.
▶We call this the time schedule of establishing the throne. “I thought I suffered so much in the past, but all these become blessings.” But if you’re scarred because of that, you’ll be in great trouble. Rather, you’re thankful for that. “This is how I lived in the past, when I was young. But when I look back, these were all blessings.” Then that becomes the springboard of answers for the future. But if that remains within you as scar and that gets reenacted in your church, you’ll fight in the church. Isn’t that so? Because that’s a scar for you. If that’s your scar and you see something similar in the church, you run away. If that’s your scar but your husband continues to shake that around, you’re going to get a divorce. Because it’s hell. It’s not the throne of heaven. It’s like hell. But if all that becomes a blessing, your past is the future and the things of today are your future. The things of tomorrow is the future and the answer called “eternity” comes. That’s why we see this (eternity). How thankful should we be?
▶Church officers, prepare your vessels starting now. In prayer. Continue to prepare in prayer, the vessel to save the future churches. You’re accurately saving the future economy and continuing to prepare for gospelization to serve the church, in prayer. The sure future world… Continue to pray about that. People who don’t know ask, “Is prayer all we have to do?”. There’s a ring of truth to that, but they don’t know the basis. From deep within your soul, you need to enjoy prayer. Then you should be happy because of that. You’re so happy and strengthened in times of prayer. But if prayer is so hard and you’re thinking about fasting and how hard it is to do that, how terrible is that? Even when you’re walking down the street and praying about your church, you need to be happy. That’s what’s normal. While traveling within this covenant, you do world missions, give offering, and devote for the church. This needs to be of tremendous strength for you. But if you’re worried about doing that, that’s not your average problem.
▶There are some people who hold to the covenant and really pray, even though they’re young, and God really gives them answers. But even though it’s not a great answer, it’s a great answer for them. Somebody texted me. Someone borrowed money from them in the past and wasn’t going to pay them back, but they brought the money. That’s an answer for that person. Do you know why? It’s not simply that he lent someone money, they never paid it back, and one day they did. But what’s comes prior to that is important. “Pastor, I listened to your sermon, held to the covenant, and prayed.” But out of the blue, this person brought him the money. Even though those 2 things may not go hand in hand, from his perspective, God worked. That’s what it means, isn’t it? From our point of view, children don’t have that much money. But that’s not the issue. It’s the fact that that remnant held on to the covenant and prayed. The fact that they listened to the pastor’s sermon and prayed. This is what’s important. But for this person, they were thankful that an answer came to them. This is what’s important. Isn’t that so? This is what’s important for the church officers. You need to be always praying, thankful, and happy that you’ve been called for the church. But if you’re always having conflicts in the church, would it work?
▶Then lastly, let’s bring this to a close. When you actually go to church, there are many problems. Then we get swept up by that. And yes, there are actually strange people out there. And we get swept by that. Change your thinking. All those problems are answers. You need to embrace that strange person and help them receive God’s grace. That person who’s wrong? You need to warmly reach out, pray for them while holding their hand, and teach them so that they realize their wrongdoings. And you need to know that there are greater answers behind that. God brings everything together for good. I believe that the messages from this year’s World Church Officer Conference are more important than any of the other previous conferences. Because this is the covenant you must hold on to now, immediately. Hold to it right now and begin “24” starting now. Speaking about God continuously working throughout your path? That’s your testimony. At this time, the healing that you’re not even aware of will take place. Even though you didn’t do anything special, healing will arise. Strangely, your finances will be revived. What’s the reason for that? Because you must save the church. That’s the church officer you are. You must save posterity. These kinds of works will arise. We give thanks to God. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the church officers who will save the age, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)