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01.04.2021 – 2020 New Believers and Field Ministers’ Retreat, Lecture 3 (1)

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 Message: 2020 New Believers and Field Ministers’ Retreat, Lecture 3 (1)- 07/07/2020

Title: Find the 24-Hr Topic

Scripture: Acts 19:21



>> The last lecture we had for the last retreat (June 16th, New Believers’ Retreat, Lecture 3) was, “Do not be deceived”. “Do not be afraid. You have to set this ahead of time. You’re fighting a battle that’s already been won.” Even though it’s a sure thing, we continue to shake/waver.

>> So you need to communicate with the new believers with 3 Bible verses.

  1. Acts 19:21, I must also see Rome.
  2. Acts 23:11, Be bold. You must testify of me in Rome.
  3. Acts 27:24, Do not be afraid. You must stand before Caesar.

>> You have to tell the new believers very easily.


Lecture 1: Find the 24-Hr Topic (Acts 19:21) ♠


>> “Starting now, hold on to this covenant and find your 24-hr prayer topic.” This was Paul’s 24-hr topic. The disciples and new believers who understood these words conquered Rome.


1.Introduction→ CVDIP

>> In order to properly find this ‘24’, what do you need? It doesn’t need to be accurate. Find this (CVDIP).

There’s no need to talk about difficult things with the new believers. It’s okay even if you’re wrong, because it can be adjusted. In order to have this take place 24 hours, you need to have your CVDIP.

So, “God has given you the covenant. What’s your greatest hardship? That’s your vision. That’s the vision you must accomplish. If that is so, how can you do it? Holding on to the sure thing is the Dream. Then that takes place 24 hours a day. Don’t be shaken.” People are shaken because of useless things.


2.Main→ Absolute Covenant

>> So in other words, you need to explain this. “No matter how much you may be a new believer, just hold on to the absolute covenant. Don’t even be hasty.” CVDIP is for the sake of holding to the absolute covenant. “Don’t even be discouraged. If it’s wrong, then you can hold on to the new one.”

How you hold on to the absolute covenant of God is everything.

So Paul and the many disciples who followed him could not perish. “I must see Rome as well.” That was a sure thing. Because Rome evangelization was God’s will. It wasn’t simply just Rome evangelization, it was, “I must see Rome”. At this time, you need to make it so that all the worries the new believers have are unnecessary. People who are mentally weak may not be able to understand, but normal people will.

Who has the nerve to change this?


1)Follow Prayer Answer (Acts 19:1-7)

>> “So starting now, holding on to this covenant, follow this prayer answer.” That’s what was seen in Acts 19:1-7 earlier.

2)Follow the Word (Acts 19:8-10)

>> “As you’re doing this 24 hours a day, this (Acts 19:8-10) will absolutely come, so follow the Word.” It’s undoubted. If you just do this for them, as long as they hold on to it, they will live.

What about weak people? Don’t even think about when they’re going to be healed. Because if God’s Word goes to work, who will overcome that?

3)Follow the Results (Acts 19:21)

>> “Absolutely, there will be results regarding God’s Word. (Acts 19:21) So follow the results.” That’s what it means. “I must see Rome.”

>> The pastors here, as well as myself, do it like this.]

This is how we’re preparing the sermons. There’s no reason to pick up things here and there. There’s no reason to receive help from others. Just follow exactly as the Word of God works.

What’s quite funny is, I’ve been preparing the sermons for church construction, right? The schedule wasn’t out but I prepared all my sermons and when I went, I found out that it was the Wheat Harvest. But it matched perfectly with what I prepared for the sermon that week. I almost made a mistake, but God did not allow that mistake. Think about it, what would have happened if it was Christmas? That’s a little funny story, but that’s how God accurately leads us.

>> I can promise you. God absolutely has the covenant, promise, and answer that He will fulfill for/through you.

So starting today, if things are hard, hold on to the absolute covenant.

That’s all you need to do. There are more times when hardships come because of my mistake. Even during those times, I held on to the absolute covenant.

You must tell this to the new believers. New believers are shaken much more than you can imagine. It’s not even just the new believers. There are more believers than you can imagine, who shake and waver.

Even the elders. Try listening to what they say when they gather. They shake and waver more than you can imagine.

There’s no reason for us to express things in a strong way, but we need to be sure regarding this covenant. Why is that? In the end, it’s a battle against Satan. Isn’t that so? Ultimately, it’s a fight against Satan. The believers must not be shaken.


3.Conclusion→ Dream (Sure and Vivid, Objective and Subjective)

>> “So dream a sure and vivid dream. That’s 24. Dream an objective dream that anyone would think to be correct. And dream a subjective dream that only you can dream about.”

We’ve got 4 terms here. It’s got to be sure and vivid. It’s got to be objective and subjective. Everything is within those 4 words.

For example, if I talk about my dream and say that it’s a sure dream while Esther listens and laughs, “Is that going to work?”, that’s not going to happen. Isn’t that so? When Joseph spoke about his dreams, his brothers laughed, but Jacob kept the matter in mind.