06.11.2021 – Censers

06.11.2021 – Censers

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 12/06/2020
Title: Censers
Scripture: Numbers 16:36-40

▶I received grace at church. Not just me, but all the church members received grace.
We weren’t listening to a sermon, but one of the teachers brought out the children and did something similar to a musical. They used music and told a story. All the church members were laughing and they were all moved. The content of the music was also very good. The content was very entertaining as well.
There was a king who had lost his appetite. Nothing tasted good to him. He said, “Bring me the best cook.” They did their best to cook a meal and when the king ate, he said it tasted bad. Then, he killed that cook saying, “How dare you make fun of the king”. He would then tell them to bring in the next person. Again, he ate their food, said it was bad, and killed them. And people were so afraid that they couldn’t go. At that time, there was a cook/chef who showed up and said that he will cook. The people that came before him died but without fear, he said volunteered. He said, “I will cook the tastiest meal in the world for the king.” They asked, “Are you confident?” and he said that he was. So the king waited and he started cooking. But he wouldn’t bring the meal. The king asked, “Why aren’t you bringing it quickly?”. He said, “This is going to be given to the king so it needs to be made to be the best. That’s why it’s taking some time.” But the food still wasn’t coming out. So the king was ravenous. Finally, he brought the food. Do you think the food was good or not? It was so tasty. So what they were trying to say through the performance was, “People do useless things because their stomachs are full.” This young adult, the teacher, wasn’t trying to get her musical ability recognized. But everyone came to know of it. They never said, “We don’t raise musicians in our church”. She never said, “Please organize a system for us so that the children can do operas like this”. With that one program, everyone’s thoughts changed. They said, “Keep doing this”. Automatically, it was made.
▶Why am I talking about this? We know what answers are. But we don’t know the method by which we can receive them. Jesus didn’t just say this. He said very specifically, “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”. Today, we saw something called the “censer”.
▶Introduction- Actual Setting (Disaster)
The most important thing is, you need to have the actual setting to receive answers. If you do this, no matter who, you can receive answers. Everyone was saying all kinds of things in the church and people were unable to receive grace, but this one young woman, made something realistic (the program). She was younger than me, but I really felt respect for her because I realized that she had really prayed a lot. “How could she create such a masterpiece like that?” It was simple, but had content and substance. All the church members were laughing while watching what the king was doing. Even though, they were basically laughing at themselves…
For us, we have several things like church construction, devotional services, and several other things. The actual setting needs to be put in place. Why did God keep them in the wilderness for 40 years? Of course, there was a shift in generation, but that’s not what was important. God had actually. realistically prepared them so that they would be able to enter into Canaan. That’s why the sent out the spies. That’s why they were given many instructions regarding the tabernacle. Because these were things they needed to do when they get there.
▶Then what must you hold on to in today’s main body? What kind of setting must we do/have for the temple that God desires? This is what you must hold on to. From that point on, answers come. After the spies returned, that’s when God began to work. Before this, this was the time when a great disaster had come.
1)What to Discard (Verses 6-8)
▶What setting did they do? “We must block the disasters.” Each time, it’s different, but according to today’s scripture, they put in place the settings regarding the temple. There are 3 things that first come. What you must discard. In Numbers 16:6, they take the censers and throw all them out. Why do they discard them? That’s the fire they brought out with them when they were complaining. That’s in verse 6-8. These are very important words. No matter how many times we pray, we must now pray the wrong prayers. More than you can imagine, people pray the wrong, incorrect prayers. Some people weep and lament in their prayers. Some people pray resentful prayers. There are many people who pray like that. They pray these prayers full of deep grudges. That’s what God told them to discard. “Discard the fire of those who were lamenting, resenting, and weeping.”
2)What to Find
▶He spoke about what they must find. What is the thing you must discover/find?
(1)Glory (Verse 42)- “The glory of the Lord appeared.” Verse 42. When they were about to stone them, the glory of the Lord appeared.
(2)Cloud (Protection)- It’s in the same verse, but it says, “The cloud covered it”.
(3)People (Salvation)- That’s when he prays. Aaron sincerely prays for the people to be saved. This cloud symbolizes glory, but also protection. The thoughts or prayers that you have may be wrong. It’s very important for you to discover what they are and discard them. You must discard them and discover the things regarding God’s glory, the Lord’s protection, and the amazing salvation.
3)What is Eternal- Censer
▶And you must discover/find the eternal things. The censer itself isn’t what’s eternal. But the prayers that go up to God are eternal.
▶So it’s okay even if it takes some time. “In this one life I have to live, what covenant and Word must I hold on to regarding temple construction?” You must experience how the answers come. And we must tell our posterity. Up to this point is very important. “I held on to a certain covenant and certain answers came. This is what I must relay to the next generation.” Then God will grant his miracles and open many doors.

▶Main- The Temple that God Desires

1.Bring the Censers to the Tent of Meeting (Verse 37)→ Establishing the Throne of Heaven
▶What kind of temple must we set up? “Take up the censers to the tent of meeting.” Verse 37. We didn’t read all of it today, but it’s in the scripture that we read today. The tent of meeting. What does this mean? When we build the temple, we must make it so that many people can come to see the blessing of the throne and the blessing of the establishment of the throne. What does that mean?
▶“Wow, I came to this church and I saw the Gospel.” How astounding is that? “I came to this church and I see the Gospel.” These are the things we must set. What do you see after? The ark of the covenant. The lampstands. You saw them, right? The things you’re already familiar with. And what else? The bread. The water. The altar for the censers. The courts for the outside. The oil. This is what you must be able to see. You’ve staked your lives to build the church and later, when posterity comes, they need to be able to feel and sense, “This is the Gospel”.
2)Holy of Holies
▶This censer is taken when they enter into the holy of holies. These resentful people full of unbelief took that out, so does that make sense?
3)Day of Atonement
▶And they also took this censer on the Day of Atonement. This is what you must see. Make it so that they can really know what the Gospel is when they enter Immanuel Church. This is the imprint we must make. And next, what about the holy of holies? It’s the astounding mystery through which you truly go before God and receive grace. It’s being forgiven of all our sins, curses, and disasters. Have this setting.

2.They Shall Be a Sign (Verse 38)
▶Second. You must hold to this covenant today. In verse 38, it says, “Make it so that it’s a sign. Thus they shall be a sing to the people of Israel.” In the temple. What sign is this? The censers that were taken by the 250 people. They discarded/scattered all the fire because God told them to. He said, “Hammer out these plates”. That’s what it says in today’s passage. What does that mean? “Hammer them out and make a covering for the altar.” Why? So that it becomes a sign. These are very important words.
▶Have you ever visited the Holocaust Museum in America? If you visit Washington D.C., you must try going. The Jewish people lost their nation and suffered all throughout the world for 2,000 years. They gathered all of that and put it there. They were massacred, right? Some of the videos of that are there and some of them are portrayed through photos. Some are gathered as audio recordings. Even when I saw that, I felt these things. So how do you think Jewish people would feel when they see all that? They would think, “I must stake my life to hone/develop my skills and save my nation”. What’s even more heartbreaking? There’s something more heart-wrenching when you go out, at the end. They have the shoes of their fathers and mothers, that they took off before being massacred. What do you think? When you they came to our church, many of our next generation must be able to come and see what the problem was.
1)Promise- “What promise did God give to Abraham, and why?”
2)Slave- “Why did our forefather, Joseph, sent as a slave?” You need to make it so that they see these things.
3)Wilderness- “Why did they have to remain in the wilderness for this long?” You must make it so that they know this.
4)Resentment- And especially, what? It’s explaining what happened to the people who resented and blamed God. They were told to hammer out the censers that they used and put them up.
5)Person of the Covenant- Show them what happened to the people who held to the promise of God and held to the covenant.
▶Almost everything has been prepared for Immanuel Seoul Church. The offering of the church members isn’t decreasing either, despite the coronavirus. The elderly women aren’t able to really use the internet. But they’re all giving offering the same which means that all the church members are taking part. And the preparations for 237, healing, and summit are complete as well. It really is the land that God has given to us. There’s more space where we can expand. Last Friday, I met with the executives/management of Kukmin Ilbo (daily newspaper). I told them, “Thank you so much for all your help. Starting next year, I’ll promote Kukmin Ilbo again.” Because in the beginning (early days of ministry), I had done that. The land that we purchased for Seoul Immanuel’s church was purchased from the Yeouido Church. It’s a very meaningful place and it’s a field that contains much of our prayers as well. Amazingly enough, that place is the place we’ve been praying for originally. The pastors know this as well, but that place is the place where we had our seminary. I had asked that director to sell it to us but they sold it to someone else. Now, that land has returned to us. And amazingly, that place was a place where they used to do idol worship a long time ago. And if you look at the history, the place where we have the Deokpyeong RUTC is also a place where they used to do idol worship. Even here, in this church in Busan, they used to do idol worship. The elder, General Park, had also said, “Pastor this is the end of the mountainous range that flows from the north. How did you know to buy this?” And I said, “We bought it without knowing”. But that’s not what’s important. Here or there isn’t important. We must have this.

3.Make it a Reminder for Your Family Line (Posterity) (Verse 40)
▶Third. Take a look at what setting we must have. Verse 40. “Make it a reminder for your family line. Make it a reminder for your posterity.” Verse 40. You understand what this means, right? “Make it a reminder.” These are very important words.
1)237, Healing, Summit- When many of the posterity of the 237 nations come and see… Make this a reminder. “They healed these people and sent them out as summits. Make this a reminder.”
2)Status- More importantly, you are children of God. “Make this status a reminder.” Before posterity…
3)Authority- You are disciples. Show the evidence that you, as children of God, have authority.
▶There’s no place for the multiethnic people of the 237 nations to comfortably rest as if it’s their home. We need to make that. Those are skilled, research this. We must prepare, “What must I see when I come to the healing room of this church?”. If you’re physically ill, you just need to go to the hospital and listen to the doctor. Isn’t that so? But there are so many who are spiritually diseased and diseased in their lifestyles. There needs to be resources and materials for these people to see. There must be materials prepared for the remnants to be turned into summits. When they come here, that’s it. When they come here on the Lord’s Day, they must be able to see these things all day, realize, and gain strength before they go. That’s what will happen.

♠Conclusion→ Hold to the Covenant. From then on, everything will become an answer!
▶So starting now, you must accurately hold to the covenant. These are the people who held to the covenant one day, when they were in the midst of hardships. Joseph held to the covenant when he was in the midst of great hardship and despair.
▶What was it? The covenant of world evangelization. For us, it’s easy to think about this. But these words were unimaginable during that time. This is what he held to. From that point on, everything was an answer. This event, that event, everything turned into an answer. The characteristic of Korean people is that we’re quick-tempered. If a Korean is to say that someone is quick-tempered, that means that person is like a jet. That person will lose hold of many things. For those who properly hold to the covenant, everything changes into an answer. God also gives problems in order to give you answers. Then if you’re not surely holding on to the covenant, you’ll be flustered no matter what, when the problem comes. If you’re surely holding on to the covenant, you’ll quickly see the answer when a problem comes. He held to this covenant when he was 80 years old. From that point on, answers came. Who is that? Moses. You must accurately hold to the covenant. Try to experience this. Then, you’ll have something to say. When an unbeliever is spiritually dying and asking you to save them, you need to have something to say. You need to tell them the evidence. In the past, when the pastors all over the nation and world gathered, I said, “I came to Yeongdo and prayed while doing this and this with the believers”. When I spoke about that, pastors all over the world began to arise. One day, when he was a shepherd, David held to this covenant. The high priest came to his house. At that time, he anointed David and gave him the covenant. From this day on, he began to have power. He praised before King Saul and evil spirits were cast away. One day, he met Goliath and right away, he overtook him. Hold on to this. It’s not difficult. That’s 24-hr prayer.
▶Thinking about it deeply. On the Lord’s Day when it’s comfortable. Also, thinking about it while you’re working. As you do that, you hold on to it.
By my experience, answers came even though I didn’t concentrate so hard on it. Originally, my character isn’t one that stays attached to the end to achieve it. It’s easier for those types of people to succeed. There are people who relentlessly go to the end. But I didn’t actually do that. I held on to the covenant and that’s how it came.
I also held on to a tremendous covenant because of COVID. I held on to 2 tremendous things. “We’re going to change the 237 Training into a training with contact. Everything else will be contact-free.” These 2 things. I held to this before, but it became surer as COVID came. In order to do world evangelization, we need to do it that way.
So if you hold to the covenant, this covenant is bound to be fulfilled. Because it’s God’s promise…
I bless you in the name of the Lord, that this week, this most precious answer of your life will begin. Let us pray.

God, give us new grace. May the true walk of faith begin. Help us to hold to the true covenant. May my entire life be within your covenant. May the works, that change my life, arise.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)