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12.29.2020 – 2020 New Believers & Field Ministers’ Retreat- Discovering “Uniqueness”

Message: 2020 New Believers and Field Ministers’ Retreat, Lecture 1 (2)- 07/05/2020

Title: Inside 7 Prayers – Discovering Only, Uniqueness, and Re-creation – Discovering “Uniqueness”

Scripture: Acts 2:1-18

Lecture 2: Discovering “Uniqueness” (Acts 2:1-18) ♠

▶Lecture 2. If you don’t tell them what they must uncover within this prayer, who else is going to tell them? Help them to uncover “uniqueness”. Simply put, if you can uncover “only”, it becomes easy to uncover “uniqueness”. The important Bible verse would be this (Acts 2:1-18).

▶There’s a trait to the sermons that I, as well as our pastors, give.

Because we are servants in the evangelism field, we just testify of the grace that we receive. I really saw the living Word inside of God’s Word. I’ve uncovered, “Ah, this is what I really need to do.”

So there’s no reason for us to tell the new believers about the important things in the Bible. Then this answer comes.

1.Introduction: 10 Days of Concentration (Discover from the small things)

▶We see something very important here. It’s recorded that these kinds of works took place when they came down and just prayed for 10 days. It means that they concentrated on this.

▶Now, you have to uncover “uniqueness” and receive answers from that. They uncovered “only” and prayed and the answer of “uniqueness” came. You must be able to see that.

What’s important here in the introduction is, earlier, we said that it needs to be uncovered in the simple places. Now, it needs to be discovered in the smallest things. The field and your church will immediately come to life. It’s not a difficult thing, but if people become too excited, they can’t see it.

▶That’s why I talk about Wanamaker. That’s why I talk about Schwab.

Do you worry about your company and your position? If that’s the case, your life is honestly one that’s over. Are you worried? There’s no need to worry about such things. He really just cleaned properly. Schwab did. That’s why he was unstoppable. There, the answer of uniqueness continued to come to him. What’s the very first thing? It’s what the other employees said. “It’s the very first time that our company is this clean. For the very first time.” That’s the answer of uniqueness. He was cleaning so much that the entire company was changed. For Schwab, it was an easy thing. As he praised and prayed, he continued to clean. Because the other people in the company was talking about him so highly, he became the supervisor. As a supervisor, he began cleaning even more diligently. When they asked him why he was doing that, he said that it’s because he needs to clean in the place of those who couldn’t make it to work or those who were sick. He later became the CEO.

The owner entrusted that position to him. What he said was more important. In his life, he was someone who had never said, “no”. But for the first time, when the owner told him to be the president, he said “no”. That didn’t really make sense. “There are so many renown people and you’ve even got your sons. How can I be in that position?” But the king of the steel industry said. “Our company needs the God who is with you. Technicians? If we pay them, they’ll come. Specialists? Call them if you need them.” They said that that’s what he said, right? “But the God who is with you? Our company and our people need Him.” The small things. You need to realize that the little things aren’t little.


▶Then from here, tremendous things begin to show.

The answer of uniqueness is usually what follows the answer of “only”. But when does it come?

1)During Worship, During Gatherings/Meetings

▶“The day of Pentecost has fully arrived.” During worship. During meetings. That’s when this answer of uniqueness comes. It’s only for those who have seen this “only”. For those who saw “only” on the Mt. of Olives, for those who see “only” in the field, after they listen to God’s Word, the answer of uniqueness follows. You must never lose hold of that.


▶There is a characteristic to that worship. It says, “In one place”. Isn’t that so? This is another important word.

“With one heart (in one accord). All together…” What’s the important word here? To have oneness together inside the important covenant of God is a miraculous thing. Don’t look for too many miracles, but when a couple has oneness, that’s a miracle. If you go to church and spiritually have oneness with everyone, that’s a miracle.

3)3 Feasts

▶An important thing came out here. The words, “The day of Pentecost had fully come”, refer to the 3 feasts. The central point of the 3 feasts is the Pentecost. The Passover had already taken place. Ingathering, that’s the future. Right now, is the Pentecost. It’s a tremendous thing. That’s why this word was used as the representative word.

3.Conclusion: Power (5 Powers)

▶So what kind of results ensued? As I said before, truly, power is revealed. The 5 powers that God gives were revealed.

You need to have this strength. You can’t do it by any other power. It needs to be by the 5 powers that God gives. These 5 strengths that the people of the world are unable to know. What are they? ①Spiritual power. It’s not really explainable. Spiritual power. If you try to explain it to people who don’t have spiritual power, it’s very difficult. And the ②wisdom that God gives is different from the worldly wisdom. We’re talking about that kind of intellectual power. Then what? It’s not simply just about being healthy. The ③physical power we live with, by the strength that God gives. Then, ④the economy of light and ⑤manpower follows.

▶You have to earnestly talk about this to the new believers, but before you do that, you yourselves have to do this first. The reason why I’m telling you to do this for the new believers is because as you do this, you will be able to enjoy this as well.