06.09.2021 – The Entrepreneurship the Remnants Enjoyed in Advance

06.09.2021 – The Entrepreneurship the Remnants Enjoyed in Advance

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Message: Core Training Message- 12/05/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (45)- The Entrepreneurship the Remnants Enjoyed in Advance
Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-5

▶There are a lot of problems throughout the world, but the most urgent problems seems to be the problems of the youth and there are many people who are concerned.
Among the youth issues we’re dealing with, the number 1 priority would be the drug issues. For the adult generation, because they’re having a hard time and struggling to just simply make a living for themselves, they don’t have the leisure to look over the remnants. When you look at the elites, because they themselves are suffering from so many spiritual problems, they’re not able to take care of their posterity.
▶Then if that’s the case, what is the entrepreneurship that remnants in the Bible enjoyed in advance? I will speak of this a bit more in depth, continuing on from what we discussed during the Business and Industry Missions Message. There were many individuals, but this expresses the state of destruction that the Israelites were faced with. At this time, He spoke about the remnants, who are restoration and answers.
Especially in verses 3-5, it says that your sons and daughters will come from afar. And they’re not simply going to come, but they’ll restore many things.
▶Introduction- Remnant’s Summit Training
Then if that’s the case, we must once again imprint this. During their remnant years, the most important thing is summit training. If that’s really the case, there are a few things that we must understand.
1)What is the Gospel?→ The first is, “What is the Gospel?”. We must understand this correctly.
2)What is Prayer?→ Next is, “What is prayer?”. We need to have an accurate understanding regarding this.
3)What is the Word?→ “What is the Word of God that we hear every single day?” Our remnants must quickly have an understanding of this.
4)What is Evangelism?→ Only then can they understand what evangelism is.
5)What is Missions?→ And finally, they must be able to understand what “missions” entails. This needs to take place in order for you to see the entrepreneurship that you can enjoy in advance.

1)What is the Gospel?
▶What is the Gospel? Everyone understands it this way: “That’s the way to become a child of God”. And that’s certainly true.
▶Liberation from 12 Problems→ God’s Child (Finished)
We have come out from within the 12 problems and have become children of God. It’s coming out from within these problems and becoming God’s child. So the Gospel is an amazing thing. Because the 12 problems have been given by Satan, we’re all inside of it. Remnants must know this in order to correctly understand the Gospel. The fact that you have understood the Gospel means that everything has come to an end (been finished). God will give everything else after that as an answer.
2)What is Prayer? (Spiritual World)
▶If that’s the case, what is prayer?
(1)What’s Needed- It’s praying and requesting before God what you need most. You’re receiving what comes from God. There’s a tremendous spiritual world to prayer and that’s why not everyone fully understands the depth of that. Your thoughts, your mind, and your prayers have no choice but to communicate with God because you are a saved child of God. That’s why, in the end, you’ll receive your answer just as you have prayed to God. But in the end, all your needs are filled by God Himself. Regarding the important matter of prayer, it’s not just simply your needs. Most believers in the early stage of their faith only pray about what they need.
(2)What’s Not Needed- This is something we don’t need. That’s what it means to enter into the tremendous depths of prayer. If you really enter the depth of the spiritual realm, realize that you don’t need all the things you thought you needed. Only then can you save the world.
(3)Mission- From this point on, you’re able to see the God-given mission. You must have the God-given mission to be able to pray within the correct prayer topic.
(4)24 Hours- At that time, you begin to have 24 take place. Wherever you go, you’re able to pray. No matter where you are, you’re able to pray. No matter what situation you’re faced with, it doesn’t matter. Then finally, that means you finally know what prayer means. The distinctive trait of renown golf players is that they only think about golf for 24 hours. Otherwise, you cannot become a world-class athlete. The historic/legendary artists have art in their mind for 24 hours. Do they not eat? That’s not the case. That means that their spiritual state, their brain, and everything is consumed by that. If our remnants’ thoughts, heart/mind, and soul are consumed with prayer 24, they’ll conquer the world no matter what.
(5)25 Hours- Finally, this answer comes. This is what prayer is. So remnants must quickly understand, “What is the Gospel and what is prayer?”.
3)What is the Word?- What Has Been Given by God
▶What is the Word? The Word is absolutely what has been given by God. It’s not the word simply spoken to us by men. This is the Word that God has given to us.
(1)Background (Absolute)- There is an absolute background behind this. There’s a background by which it must be this Word. Absolute background.
(2)Stream (Age)- This background, God’s Word, absolutely has this stream. A stream as you look at the flow of the age.
(3)Future (Fulfillment)- Inside of that stream, this Word, you’re absolutely able to see the future. And this is bound to be fulfilled. Why? Because this is the God-given future. It’s remaining inside of this. That’s what we refer to as “God’s Word”
4)What is Evangelism?- Our Occupation
▶Then you must quickly understand what evangelism is. Evangelism directly has to do with your academics, your business, and your work/occupation.
▶3 Summit- Answer
So the work that you’re engaged with isn’t simply work that you’re carrying out. It’s about becoming the spiritual, skill, and cultural summit that I spoke about earlier. And giving the answer to that summit is what evangelism is.
5)What is Missions?- God’s Earthly Plan
▶It’s very similar in context, but regarding missions, there’s a plan that God has for earth.
(1)Resurrection Message- Refer to the Resurrection Message. That’s the correct understanding of missions. What “missions” means is that God has a plan for earth. Earlier, I spoke about the Resurrection message and everything is contained inside of those messages.
(2)Early Church- It’s the early church that held on to the covenant within the Resurrection message.
(3)Macedonia- In the end, the early church entered into Rome, including Macedonia. What is that? We’re able to see God’s important time schedule regarding the evangelism movement. All you need to do is remain inside of that.
▶So starting now, remnants, if you ask, “What is the Gospel”, it means that it’s finished. In other words, he finished all of the 12 curses for us. What is prayer? If you’re really enjoying this with the God-given mission, this (25) takes place. Until that takes place, there’s no need for you to even be discouraged. Even if hardships come, there’s no need for you to shake at all. There’s no need for us to be shaken because of the words of other people. One day, this came to Joseph. And it came immediately, as soon as he arrived in Potiphar’s home. This is prayer. We already possess the covenant and it’s finished. Now, it’s prayer. Then for God’s Word, there’s absolutely a background and a stream, but fulfillment will also follow. We just need to follow along this. Then what is evangelism? It’s giving the answer. Because people don’t have this. Then what is missions? It encompasses God’s earthly plan. And that’s why, sometimes we go and sometimes we commission out our missionaries.

▶Main- What Nobody Can Do (What God Can Do)
There is an answer that comes to the remnants at this time. God is trying to give this answer (What Nobody Can Do). If anyone can do it, there’s no need for us to come to church or believe in Jesus. We can just put in our efforts to go to Harvard. If all mankind was capable of carrying out this work, there’s no need for us to come to church. There’s no need for us to believe in Jesus. There’s no need for us to read the Bible. The age is growing increasingly dark. If there was another way for us to solve that problem, there’d be no need for all these things. But the Bible speaks of that, which nobody can do. Only God can carry it out. People with the communist mentality cannot understand these words. There are so many ideologies that fall away from God. From their perspective, this is just something they find ridiculous and amusing. Communism began from the ideal that there is no God. “God does not exist.” And in 70 years, it completely collapsed. Nietzsche, who said that God is dead, actually died of a mental illness. This is something they probably can’t understand at all.
▶Only (Acts 1:1)+Uniqueness (Acts 1:3)+Re-Creation (Acts 1:8)
That’s why remnants must quickly enter into this and show evidence of this. Then, as I spoke earlier, this is the answer that will follow. How will it come? Only. Uniqueness. Re-creation. This is how the answers will come. Undoubtedly. That’s this (Acts 1:1). Christ. Salvation. The kingdom of God (Acts 1:3). His works. Only the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). The power. Witness. To the ends of the earth. That is re-creation. Remnants, you must enjoy this in advance.

1.Genesis 39:1-6→ Then there are a few important Bible verses we must refer to. This is the path that the remnants took. Genesis 39:1-6. What comes out here? We see only, uniqueness, and re-creation here.
2.Exodus 3:1-20→ Exodus 3:1-20. Look at the path that the remnants took. Look at the work that God carried out.
3.Psalm 78:70-72→ It’s the account of David. Psalm 78:70-72. These are Bible verses that you’re familiar with. But now, you must hold on to this as your covenant and personalize it as your own.
4.1 Kings 19:19-21→ 1 Kings 19:19-21. Elisha. As God gives this important answer…
5.1 Kings 18:1-15→ 1 Kings 18:1-15. We see the account Obadiah and Elijah.
6.Isaiah 60:1-22→ Isaiah 60:1-22. This is the answer that God gave, that nobody can do. How he held on to this is what’s important.
7.Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8→ So ultimately, the point was the synagogues. This is the entrepreneurship that was enjoyed by the remnants. These are all contents that you’re well familiar with.

1.Genesis 39:1-6→ Problem Field (Today)
▶There’s an answer that I discovered inside of this. What kind of answer did I discover here? Joseph was the same as everyone else, but there was on difference. Joseph had a tremendous future laid out in front of him, but he absolutely saved the field. With “only, uniqueness, and re-creation”, he saved the field. What does that mean? It’s “today”. Starting now, remnants, don’t be so concerned about your future. Save today. That’s why you’re praying today. If that happens, it may appear as if there are no answers at all at first. But it will all transform into the answer of “only, uniqueness, and re-creation”.

2.Exodus 3:1-20→ Imprint (Message)
▶Now, look at Moses. People can say that Moses carried out a lot of work, but what’s the most essential point out of that? It’s his imprint. What was imprinted upon him by his mother, at a young age, lasted 120 years and led up to the works of God. The way I interpret it, the answers that David received don’t compare to the answers that Moses received. That’s why, if you become imprinted with the covenant now, it will absolutely bear the results of that and be fulfilled. That’s why you must discover and find these answers that you will receive. So starting now, all remnants, don’t lose hold of it. Listen to the message.

3.Psalm 78:70-72→ Field Prayer (Masterpiece)
▶I look at David and he had the Word as well as many things that were going for him. But the one thing that was most important is that he enjoyed field prayer. Joseph’s form of enjoyment in the field was that there were many different things that came to his work. But for David, as you know very well, he enjoyed field prayer. Make a small masterpiece. When you are a remnant. This may seem like nothing at all, but it will be used to change the world. The problems that come for remnants in the field… Enjoying “today” is everything.

4.1 Kings 19:19-21→ Farmer (Choice), God’s Voice
▶Elisha was farming and that’s when he was called. He was a farmer and he was called. But that’s not what was important. He already knew all the rumors regarding Elijah. Of course, because God called him, there was no way out. But it was the choice he made. He didn’t hesitate at all. What does this mean? It means that he had the covenant in his heart on a regular basis and when Elijah came to call him, he burned all his farming equipment. You must never lose hold of this.

5.1 Kings 18:1-15→ King’s Servant, Elijah’s Disciple (Indispensable)
▶There was a man named Obadiah who played a very important role here. He was the king’s servant and the disciple of Elijah. A man named Obadiah. As you look at this, remnants, there’s something that you must absolutely hold on to. If you are a person of God’s covenant and you become a person who is indispensable in the field, you’re able to save in that field.
▶I’m just speaking about this in the form of a testimony or forum. My mindset today is that I’m not giving a message to the church members and remnants. I’m just sharing a forum with you. What kind of field do you have in front of you today? There lie the answers. Why do you lose hold of the message, going in? Your life will reach its conclusion with what’s been imprinted upon you. Even when you go to church, there are some elders who are constantly listening well to God’s Word. But there are also some people who aren’t able to listen very well, no matter how many sermons the pastor gives. You don’t even need to ask what comes next. There are students who are studying overseas. Yet, they continue to listen to these messages without fail. But there are some people who don’t even listen/attend when there’s a conference being held in their own church. You don’t even need to ask how that future will differ. I spoke earlier about Professor Kim Hye-Su’s daughter, Kim Soo-Jung. When she went overseas, she held on to the Word and asked, “What should I do?”. That’s forum. What is the characteristic of forum? Even if you don’t put it into practice, it’s imprinted upon you. Moses didn’t put this into practice. He just continued to hear what his mother said to him at a young age and this was imprinted upon him.
▶Remnants, don’t lose hold of your today and don’t lose hold of the message. Absolutely, leave behind even a very small masterpiece. And look at it after you’ve aged and become old. Record all your things in your prayer journal. Edison left behind 3,000 journals and logs. It’s left behind even today as his masterpiece. Jeong Yakyong (great thinker of the later Joseon period) read a lot of different manuscripts and jotted down memos of that. Later on, they compiled it and these memos alone resulted in 300 books. It’s a masterpiece. And remnants, you’ll hear all sorts of words being said. You must refer to them, of course. But you must heed God’s voice. This is very important. At this point in time, if you followed Elijah, you could have faced death.
▶Remnants must live in the world and live as disciples of the church. Remnants need to serve their pastors and be the right hand and left hand of the pastor. But when you go into the world, you must be a worker there as well. You must become someone who is absolutely needed. Obadiah was needed. That’s important. Whether Ahab knew about his doings or not is not what’s important. Obadiah was so indispensable that King Ahab had to keep him by his side.

6.Isaiah 60:1-22→ Smallest, Least/Weak (Isaiah 60:22, God’s Time Schedule)
▶And finally… You continue to hold on to the covenant and it may appear as if you’re just a small figure. Perhaps you look vulnerable and weak. But no. He gave the Word, “The least one shall become a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation”. Verse 22 is very important. “I am the LORD; in its time I will hasten it.” Absolutely, this will take place.

7.Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8→ School (Rome Evangelization)
▶Nobody could imagine/think that these things you study in school could change to Rome Evangelization.
▶Today, we shared an important forum. It’s not just a simple forum, but forum that you must not lose hold of. Everything else, you can lose hold of. But you mustn’t lose hold of this. What kind of problems are you faced with? What kind of problems are you encountering in your home? It’s so, very important. So during your remnant years, do not lose hold of the message. During your remnant years, record it. Remnants, you’re living in the world, but you must make your choices as you hear the voice of God. Let’s say that there’s someone who doesn’t like you very much. Think about that deeply. You must become someone who is needed. You may look small and weak, but God has absolutely shared and promised His time schedule, that He will raise you as a mighty nation. The one who understood these words was Paul. Perhaps, this may seem so insignificant. But we see that history attests.

1)Victory- Remnants are going out to fight a battle that has already been won.
2)Conquer- Remnants are going out to take hold/conquer the land that has already been conquered.
3)Fulfilled- Remnants are going out in search of the work that has already been fulfilled.
▶The people of the world cannot understand these words, but among them, those who stand shoulders above other men can understand these words. You’re going out to fight the battle that has already been won. That’s the difference between believers and unbelievers. This is what’s different about those who are going out, who have this mystery. They’re going out to take hold of what has already been conquered. God has already fulfilled it. You’re simply going out to restore that. This is the child of God and remnant. This is short forum. If you enjoy this in your remnant years, the answers will come even when you are adults.
▶If that’s the case, here, on the scene, we have our adults (elderly pastors). I believe that they’re the most blessed in all the world. Who has received greater blessings than them? Here in Korea, in Seoul as well? But we’ve come this far simply by the grace of God. It’s God’s grace and of course, God has led us within this Darakbang movement. But if you look at the days we’ve walked in the past, this is how we followed along. Yes, of course, we’ve arrived to the conclusion that we must carry out world evangelization. But when we look into our childhood and our past, these things have led us here. Then if that’s the case, our remnants are growing up, listening to the Word that has been given by those who are already holding on to the covenant. So many answers will come, that you may not even be able to bear all of it. These words are very important.
▶Yesterday, I was speaking with the journalists and reporters of Kukmin Ilbo (S. Korean daily newspaper).
“Despite the church politics or doctrine, Rev. Cho Yong-Ki is a very big figure.” But the people close to him in his vicinity, his family members, didn’t realize the extent of his importance. If you can’t bear the answers that come, they’ll result as problems. Of course, the work doesn’t change. If they had known, they would have become great individuals. Why do I say this? As our remnants grow up, tremendous works of world evangelization will arise. But if you’re not thinking about this in advance, you may become overwhelmed by those answers. Later on, far in the distant future, there may be those among our descendants who study Rev. Ryu and Rev. Chung’s churches. But you’re not making the preparations for that because you don’t look that far into the future. But you remember this. If you really are a person of prayer, you must prepare this. Remnants will receive answers. That’s why you must prepare the vessel. And you can’t do it on a small scale. Let’s say there’s a pastor who grew up in very impoverished conditions. And the issue isn’t money. Great works arise so money simply follows. But if they haven’t thought about this in advance, people who grew up poor get overwhelmed by those answers. That’s why, for a lot of people who are involved in financial scandals or embezzlement issues, it’s all because of that. The lack of this preparation. Because, if you live all your life in poverty and all of a sudden come across a large sum of money, it overwhelms you. And that’s what leads to financial accidents. The blessing becomes a problem in turn. So remnants, I’m telling you this in advance. You might think very lightly of this, but when God’s works begin to shower over you, you might be thrown off and get completely taken aback. You must prepare now.
▶What kind of conclusion do we come to? What ought to come came to the 7 remnants. They foresaw this in advance. This is what’s important. Starting today, may this answer be upon you, your churches, and the remnants. If you don’t have the setting for 237, healing, and summit in your churches, God will not give those answers to us. To elaborate, the reason why the Israelites sent out the scouts in advance was so that they could have the setting down in Canaan land. But the scouts from 10 tribes said it’s impossible to go in. So what would happen? They didn’t have that setting in their minds. Because they didn’t have this setting, what did God do? From that day forward, God prolonged everything for 38 years. Who ultimately went in? A new generation, who had that setting in mind, were able to enter into Canaan. You must know and understand this principle. Because you remnants will receive answers. You must have the nature of an elite and summit set inside you. And because God has called you, that answer will rightfully follow.
I bless you in the name of the Lord, that all the churches may have this preparation in advance.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings, the complete and perfect love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit who gives us power, be upon all remnants and churches who are preparing the vessel for these answers, be upon all the believers who are listening to this message today, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)