06.08.2021 – Deep Sea Fishing (Blue Ocean)

06.08.2021 – Deep Sea Fishing (Blue Ocean)

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 12/05/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (45)- (The Remnant’s Entrepreneurship and Business Forum) <Deep Sea Fishing (Blue Ocean)> 
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Acts 1:8)

▶All throughout the world, the greatest hardship people face is poverty. If you look at the underdeveloped nations, the situations there are devastating. And even if you go to developed countries, many of the individuals are actually impoverished. People who are living in places like Europe cannot give offering to the church and cannot give things such as construction offering. It’s not that they lack faith. Just practically speaking, they’re impoverished. And the same goes for America as well.
▶So now there are teams coming out saying, “Let’s make the preparations in advance”. A representative example of that would be the Think Tank. There are about 400 in the U.S. alone. What they’re characterized by is, they’re saying, “Let’s make these preparations in advance”. In Europe, especially the U.K., there are things like the Round Table. In other words, they are meetings that are being convened to have these discussions. Now, knowing this, we see that there are these movements arising in the college campuses as well. People within the universities are saying amongst themselves, “Let’s begin these businesses in advance”. Because Harvard is a very prestigious school, they have teams like the Black Diamond. As you know, Bill Gates was also a part of Harvard.
The greater problem is this. There are people who are affluent and well off. But their spiritual state is in a state of even greater impoverishment.
▶That’s why our remnants must remember. For example, there are remnants who are saying that they’re going to become entrepreneurs and begin their own businesses. Now, it’s the forum regarding that.
▶Introduction- Start
And if that’s the case, because you are not unbelievers, the start that you have is the most important. If you lose hold of this, it will be very difficult for you to even approach unbelievers. And even if you were able to compete or even follow behind them, great difficulties will befall you.
That’s why, starting now, you must do this.
1)Inner/Internal Evidence
▶You must have this inner evidence. You must not lose hold of it.
(1)Spiritual Summit- That’s the spiritual summit. There may not be any outward signs of this strength, but there’s a tremendous result that follows. And even unbelievers use the words, “They have a lot of experience amassed”. In our terminology, we can call this the spiritual summit.
(2)Skill Summit- Absolutely, our skills must come out from within this. This (skill summit) is what’s important. It’s difficult for the majority of churchgoers because they lose hold of this spiritual summit and they just simply want to become the skill summit. That’s why this is a hidden conflict/concern that people experience. In schools where there are many elite individuals, there are too many mentally ill people. It’s not a supposition or guess that I’m making. Even starting with high schoolers, there are many students who are taking medication. It must absolutely come out from within this inner/internal evidence.
(3)Cultural Summit- Only then, as evidence, can we stand as a cultural summit.
2)External Evidence
▶From this, we have the external evidence that arises, that only you can take hold of.
(1)Only- That is “only”.
(2)Uniqueness- Everything is contained inside of this. Once you discover the “only”, the uniqueness will naturally follow.
(3)Re-Creation- And if uniqueness comes, as you know, re-creation will arise. You must absolutely possess this strength in order for you to stand as a correct entrepreneur.
3)Secret Evidence
▶When this happens, there’s a secret evidence that only you can possess. That’s the content of the 66 books of the Bible. That’s the remnant. This is the secret evidence that the remnants possess. But the great majority of people have no interest in this whatsoever. They’re only interested in their business or entrepreneurship. That’s why it’s difficult. If you possess this, you’ll be able to enjoy a tremendous thing.
▶That’s what we’re discussing today. Your business needs to become like a deep-sea fishing enterprise. In English, we could refer to this as “Blue Ocean”. It’s just a specialized term. “Blue Ocean.” There are two connotations to the word “blue”. When something is sad or depressing, we can use the word “blue”. But conversely, when there’s a lot of cause for optimism or hope, we use the word “blue”. So the “blue ocean” that not a lot of people can easily approach or enter into. It’s jargon, specialized terminology. The opposite of that is “Red Ocean”. Red Ocean. This is jargon and “Blue Ocean” means that it’s a far off, distant deep sea. The Red Sea is closer to the shoreline. So for example, if you go down from your village, go down to the oceanside, and try to fish near the shoreline, you can’t catch a lot of fish. Even if you were to fish and catch something, it would small fish that you can find anywhere. But if you want to catch fish like tuna, which is popular all throughout the world, you need to go out to the deep sea. In the deep sea, you can catch that kind of fish. Because it’s clean, a lot of people consume it and it’s pricey. So this isn’t just terminology that’s used in the fishing industry. It can be used in all businesses and enterprises. With these 2 blessings, you must always and constantly enjoy the evidence and blessings in the Bible.
▶If you look in the Bible, a very simplistic interpretation would be that the Israelites faced hardship. We see that the Israelites endured suffering and trials at the hands of the mighty nations. And Jesus even foretold that great hardships would come upon their next generation. As he carried his cross, the people were crying and to the women who were standing there, he said, “Don’t weep for me. Weep for your children”. And there’s a tremendous mystery that that contains. He revealed the mystery by which you can absolutely survive for the sake of world evangelization.
(1)Independence- Most people faced destruction but the people who had the Gospel were able to survive wherever they were. These are the 10 mysteries that I began to speak of, starting last week. So whenever and wherever you are, you must enjoy this starting now.
(2)Spiritual Fact- The spiritual facts that transcend and surpass the physical facts. Of course, you need to see the facts correctly. But if you really want to prevail, you must be able to see the spiritual facts.
(3)Unconventional Thinking- And absolutely, it exists on the opposite side. That’s unconventional thinking.
(4)Synergy- And absolutely, you must possess this mystery (synergy). The Jewish people could not have survived if it wasn’t for synergy. I can only survive if this other person needs me. If I’m not needed at all and I’m disposable, I cannot survive. There were people who used the Jewish people intentionally because they were of help to them. Of course, if you have number 1 (independence), everything else will follow along.
(5)Crisis- That’s why, in all cases, you plow into the crises. Because there’s no competitor there. But you must know that the answer lies here. In the midst of crises, most people don’t like hardships. But all the answers lie there.
(6)No Competition- That’s why there’s no need to fight. Because there’s nobody to fight against you. There’s no person to fight against. They can’t even approach or access this. If you enjoy this blessing, you see even in the case of Joseph. Where he went, no one could compete for that position. There are many people who are struggling and wrestling to try to block this Darakbang evangelism movement, but they cannot do so. Because they cannot rival us in terms of competition. And I understand them. Then of course, rightfully so, the persecution will follow. They can’t even evangelize in the most prestigious, distinguished schools. But in our Darakbang movement, an elementary school student would be able to do it. The evangelism that the pastors can’t even carry out? The middle schoolers are doing it. So there’s no competition.
(7)Re-Creation- So what follows? It’s the repetition of this, but it’s that mystery of “re-creation” that will appear.
(8)Summit- Here, there are 3 tremendous things that follow. First, you’re able to take hold of that position of the summit. That’s the answer that will come.
(9)Desert, Wilderness, Wasteland- And then where will you head? To the completely dead places. To the deserts, the wilderness, and the wastelands. You must revive that. That’s the remnant and that’s what happened to the people who truly received answers.
(10)Absolute- So this is the reason why the Jewish people constantly ask the question, “Why?” the most. It was to see what was absolute.
▶You must remember this. This must become your lifestyle. If this becomes your life, starting now, everything will change. This is not just for you to hear and reference. This is for you to seek out and enjoy. This is the start. And this isn’t difficult at all. It’s of great happiness to you. It’s not being languished or weeping tears of suffering. This is strengthening and invigorating. It gives you strength.

▶Main- Standard/Base
From this point on, this becomes possible. I’m sure you know the methodology far better than me. And you also know better, what you must do. But there’s a standard for your business and the work that you carry out. Isn’t that so? What kind of standard/base must you have?

1.Matthew 28:16-20→ This is what Jesus said. This is what he said after he rose again (resurrected).
2.Mark 16:15-20→ All these words are the words he spoke after his resurrection. There are 4 very important messages that remain.
3.John 21:15-18
4.Acts 1:8→ This is what’s left. In the end, these are the words that he spoke. These 4 become the tremendous standard/base for us. That’s why the evangelism we’re carrying out, the evangelism in the Bible, is applicable to all nations. That’s the standard. Only then can you go and save all nations. Only then can we do world evangelization. The same goes for the standard of your business. It’s absolutely contained.

1.Matthew 28:16-20
▶There are a few important things here (Matthew 28:16-20).
1)Age of Utter Despair- It was an age of utter despair.
2)All Nations- And how can this be? When they were on the verge of death, Jesus told them to, “Go to all nations”.
3)Disciples- “Go and make disciples.”
▶With All Authority in Heaven and On Earth- But there are very important words that come out here. “All authority in heaven and on earth.” And it says, “Me”. He said that he will be with us, with all authority in heaven and on earth. It’s hard for us to carry this out, but he is with us, he who has all authority in heaven and on earth. That’s why our standard is to find and seek out all the disciples, of all nations, who are within that state of utter despair. If you find that disciple, it’s an undoubted thing. There’s no question about it. That disciple will understand these words, possess that strength and save that whole region.

2.Mark 16:15-20
▶This is the same content that’s expressed from Mark’s point of view. You see all of the answers completely here.
1)Diseased Age- At that time, he explained the diseased age.
2)All/Whole Creation
3)Healing- And you see the content of going to all creation and giving healing. These are the few contents that you must absolutely keep in mind. The age of despair and the diseased age. Only if it’s applicable to this can you have the enterprise and business to save the world.
▶With the Power of the Throne- There’s a tremendous mystery contained here. Yes, it is giving that answer of healing. But it’s to be with that power/strength that comes from the throne. It says that they went to testify of this and Jesus, who was on the throne, was with them. So long as you believe this, no one can take this away from you or even give this to you.
▶Target the age of utter despair. And target the diseased age. When I see some of the things that the elders of Immanuel Seoul Church are doing, it’s very hope-filled because it’s all in line with this. So then it has no choice but to reap the answers of that. So if there’s a group that comes out with the cure/treatment for the coronavirus, there will be a tremendous answer that results from that. As you know, even with the advent of aspirin, it was globalized. Even with just the royalty that came from the production of it, all their children and posterity could live well off. A few years, this came out in the news. The descendants of the people who invented aspirin said that they didn’t want to receive the royalty funds anymore because they had received enough. That’s how scary this is.
▶If you don’t have this power/strength, you can’t even approach this. But if you have this strength, you can very easily approach it. So when the age of 237 opens, God will give us tremendous answers that are in line with this. I’m sure that there are no other organizations that are preparing the 237 Center or having the 237 training. But this is the most important content that’s written in the Bible. This is the very first thing that the Lord spoke about and the very last thing message he gave as well. The fact that you don’t have the actual answer of this is akin to you not living your walk of faith at all. But see, you’re sitting here and we’re receiving this message. We’re continuing to draw closer to this.

3.John 21:15-18
▶Jesus came to find Peter who ran away. There are so many people like that.
1)Discarded Age
2)Love- It’s a discarded age. The gifted individuals, people in general are being discarded and neglected. Here, the Lord gives a very important condition. The Lord asks, “Do you love me?”.
3)Lambs- When Peter responded “Yes”, Jesus said, “Feed my lambs”. All the direction/guideline and standard that you need to possess in your business is contained in the words that Jesus spoke.
▶Restoration of Status (Posterity)- This signifies a tremendous thing. Jesus came to Peter and on the spot, he immediately restored his status. And then what does he speak about? The next generation, the posterity. No matter how much I think about it, the words of Jesus and the Bible are so accurate. It’s perfect. So we must be able to align our direction with this as well.

4.Acts 1:8
1)Age of Completion- Finally, what? He explained the age of completion.
2)Ends of the Earth- And he said, “With this, go to the ends of the earth”.
3)Witness- Even there, it’s simple. “You will be a witness.” He has given us so many important answers.
▶Acts 1:1,3,8- That’s why there’s only one thing that all nations and all people need. That’s this (Acts 1:1,3,8). All people must come out from within the curses and that’s why they need Christ. All people are living in hellish conditions and that’s why they need to experience the works of the kingdom of God. All people, unbeknownst to themselves, are enslaved the Satan. They can only overcome that through the working of the Holy Spirit. These are the important answers that come out. Because these are not my words and because these are the final words that Jesus spoke, you must write these down and always keep this within your prayers.

♠Conclusion- And if that happens, you arrive at a very important conclusion.
3)Fitting to the Age
▶It’s very gospelized and at the same time, very specialized. And at the same time, it’s very fitting to the age. That’s what will result.

▶5 “In Advances”+ CVDIP+ 6 Tools/Instruments (LVTNPO)
The important answer that comes from this are the 5 things we must experience in advance. Later on, there’s no need for you to even ask the question, “What must I do?” because you’re seeing the 5 things in advance. That’s what we saw during the World Remnant Conference. You’re able to ①see in advance. You are able to see these 5 things. Those who have seen are bound to ②have. Only those who possess can ③enjoy. Isn’t that so? Only those who enjoy will ④conquer. Only those who have conquered can enter into the ⑤fulfillment of the Word. The term that is a combination of all this together is “CVDIP”. And the things that we can see in advance inside of this are the 6 tools. What are they? ①Leverage. From this point on, you see the ②Vessel. Then, ③Transmission. Of course, you must do a lot of things, but you must make it into a ④Platform. These kinds of important answers will follow. It’s not just the platform. You’re able to have this masterpiece (⑤Nobody) come out, where you’re able to give a lot of healing as a result of it. And when that happens, you’re able to have the answer of ⑥Outsourcing, where you’re able to save everything as a whole. Inside of the 5 things we can receive in advance, we have the CVDIP and the 6 tools.
▶The more important thing is that those who are demon-possessed are already doing this. That’s why, rightfully so, we must carry this out. From that, you must discover your turning point. Demon-possessed shamans take hold of an individual and they sway them for hours on end. Why is it that we can’t do that when we’re filled with the Holy Spirit? Those people are confounding them, bringing them confusion and destruction. We can do the opposite. Do you know what the difference is here? The difference is that we don’t have the sure faith in the fact that the Holy Spirit, unseen to our eyes, is already with us and at work. That’s why for some time, there was a rise in popularity of the Pentecostal churches, emphasizing experience. That’s right, but it’s not. It’s right in some ways, but not entirely. Because “What saves is the Spirit. The flesh counts for nothing.” The experience is important, but that’s not where our standard lies. It’s just like you saying, “I need to see God in order to believe”. Even if you don’t see God with your eyes, He is a spiritual being and He is with you. All these answers are already here.
▶A while back, I received something from somebody. They were saying, “Pastor, listen to this”. I listened to it. It was a message given by a very important lecturer; not one of our members. And a lot of people are accessing those messages. But it’s exactly the same as our message. So the person who sent this to me asked, “Is this person our member?”. So I said, “I’ve never heard this name before but look into it”. So they looked into this and discovered that he isn’t our member. I didn’t take any offense to that. I thought, “A person like that is doing that. Why can’t we? Our members must be able to do this even better. But why doesn’t it happen? Because from the very start, this isn’t taking place.
▶Let’s say this in an easy way. This (internal evidence) will be our conclusion. Simply put, let me explain it this way. If you’re saying that the church is like this and the pastor is like that, that’s not a summit. You’re not inside of this location. You saying, “I’ve fallen into trials”. That itself means that you’re not in the location of the summit. At the very least, a person who is in the location and situation of the summit doesn’t even bat an eye when problems come. Rather, they see and think about the things that will come, following that. They see, “This is what’s going to happen. God is trying to give me something here.” That’s the summit. Because that’s not taking place, you memorize all the words of this and still, it’s not taking place. Don’t memorize this. You must be inside of it. “My workplace is so difficult.” “What should I do?” “Where should I go?” A person asking these questions is not a summit. “This is the opportunity for me to save my workplace.” You must find that. I said this before, but 40 years ago I read this book that laid out the conditions of being an elite. Astonishingly enough, they talked about something else. The very first thing they said was this. “What is an elite? When your workplace experiences difficulties, you must be able to go without sleep for 3 days. If there’s a critical situation in the company and you can’t even go one day without sleep, how can you be an elite?” So in short, what is the content of that book? You must be in that place, the location of the elite. A person who is blessed needs to be in that location of the blessings.
▶What is this second part (external evidence)? There are people who emphasize that only their things are right. They say that only their thoughts are right. That person won’t be able to discover this. You must remember that. There are some people who only insist upon their things even at church. They can’t find it. Do you know why? Because they’re not in the place, the location of the summit. In other words, they don’t have the correct address. That’s very important. What are these points (secret evidence)? In all things, people are giving excuses. They give reasons and excuses. It’s right. But that’s not the summit. You’re not in the place of the summit. Those who truly receive this answer don’t give excuses. They’re not obstinate and stubborn. The fact that you’re stubborn means that’s how much you don’t know. That’s the only difference between someone who has had college education and someone who has not. The characteristic of those who are not college-educated… When they think something is right, that’s the end of it. “In 1789, the French Revolution arose.” That’s it. But for the college-educated, that’s not it. They begin to look into all the different theories regarding the French Revolution, starting with, ‘Did it really start in 1789?’”. They look into all of that. There are some majors where you can’t really take into consideration the other fields, even if you graduated college. For example, the engineering departments. All the things have to match correctly. The screws and bolts all have to match/fit correctly. That’s why they don’t acknowledge anything else. That can work for machines or technology, but if you live life that way as well, you won’t be able to find this.
▶You give excuses all the time and you’re constantly stubborn. Then what will happen? And the characteristic of this first part? You’re always talking about secular matters. If those 3 things come together, everything become so dim; you can’t see a thing. We’ve already gone 5 minutes past the schedule, but our remnants must now have the businesses in the future that can save the world. You must do everything exactly, according to the Word the Lord has given. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon the heads of all the remnants and disciples who will save the world, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)