06.07.2021 – Praying Temple (The Temple of Prayer)

06.07.2021 – Praying Temple (The Temple of Prayer)

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 11/29/2020
Title: Praying Temple (The Temple of Prayer)
Scripture: Numbers 14:11-25


♠Introduction- How Can We Solve the Problem of Punishments (Hardships)?
▶We must teach prayer to our remnants.
When the Summit Center is made, we must make preparations inside of it. We need to make it so that the remnants enter and come to the conclusion of prayer on their own. We must do it with them as well, but that time, we must imprint, “Ah, this is why I need to pray”.
If prayer doesn’t take place for you, it’s because that hasn’t been imprinted inside you. Even though you try not to worry, you continue to. That’s not something that you can control.
▶If remnants are able to come to church and realize the Gospel and pray on their own, they’ll prevail wherever they go.
It’s the “Praying Temple”. It’ll be the world’s first. Where children are able to learn prayer, read books, and watch videos. There’s probably no church like this. And honestly, there aren’t many people who know what prayer is.
▶I said this during the past RCA, didn’t I?
I’ve read many books regarding prayer. I’ve read many books regarding evangelism. And because of health reasons, I’ve read almost every book there is regarding breathing. And they were very helpful, but I realized that they weren’t written by true specialists. Prayers can be done in the prayer retreat centers. You can pray in the mountains. That’s not a “bad” prayer. But people don’t really know about prayer. If you truly want to do prayer… Our remnants must be able to do “24” wherever they are. That’s knowing correct prayer. I’m sure there are a lot of people who know about breathing. Yes, being able to do it here and there is right, but you haven’t fully realized. You must be able to do it on your own. 24 hours a day. All things are this way. So if you know correctly, then it becomes easy. To really teach our remnants how to pray. This is our final mission. You must know this in order for healing to be possible.
▶Introduction- Punishment (Hardship)
Because this was not imprinted, the Israelites faced a great crisis while resenting and blaming. Simply speaking, they received this great judgment (punishment). So we must come to the answer. In today’s scripture, the Lord asked, “How long will this people despise me?”. They had never despised God. They had despised Moses and Aaron but God asked, “Why are they despising me?”. Who is going to despise God like that? Isn’t that so?
If you go to church and speak rashly about the church, that’s despising God. If you don’t know this, if you’re not careful, that’s what happens. We speak rashly about our believers/church members. If we’re not careful, if we don’t receive grace, that’s what happens. A great hardship came to the Israelites. So God said. “I will strike them with the pestilence.” Moses earnestly prayed before God today.
If we face punishment, when hardships come, it may be due to our fault, but how can this be solved?

1)Repentance Prayer (Verses 17-20)
▶There is a prayer that moves the plan of God. It’s the repentance prayer. God will absolutely change His will. God does not change His will, but during this time, He does. When Jonah repented and prayed, God changed His will. In verses 17-20, Moses earnestly prays the repentance prayer in their stead. He prays, “Please pardon the iniquity of this people, according to the greatness of your steadfast love…” What he said before that was also very important. At that time, in verse 20, God said, “I have pardoned, according to your word”.
2)Covenant Prayer (Verse 14)
▶Do you know how he prayed? He prayed the covenant prayer. Then absolutely, that will be answered. In verse 14, he held to the covenant. “God, you have delivered them from Egypt and protected them through the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire. What would happen if they die now?” He held to the covenant.
3)Prayer of Glory Restoration (Verses 15-16)
▶What came after that? It’s the prayer through which he glorified God and restored the glory of God. Moses did very well. “If you kill these people and punish them now, your glory will be hidden and lost. People are going to say that the Israelites died in this wilderness because God was not powerful enough to save them. The foolish people will say that the Israelites perished even though they didn’t believe in God.” So he asked God to forgive them. And God said that He will.

▶Main- Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire
So if you look in the main body, there are important words. What do you see? These words were spoken while Moses was praying. The pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire. This is what he talked about. These become very important words. Where did the pillars of cloud and fire come upon?

1.Restoration of Tabernacle
▶First. In the place where the tabernacle was. Restore this. You see the prayers of Moses, Joshua, Caleb, and many other prayers.
1)Holy Place
2)Most Holy Place (Holiest of Holies)
▶As you know, there is the Holy Place and the Holiest of Holies.
The people gathered here to pray and there’s also content of the priests entering into the Holiest of Holies to forgive all sins. The pillars of cloud and fire arose when the people gathered. This means that you must restore this very important thing. If you say, “The Holy Place” and the “Holiest of Holies”, everything is finished. This is the tabernacle. The Holiest of Holies is the place where God gives us everything and Christ opened that door. We must make and build the temple that restores these blessings. As the Israelites went through the wilderness, they momentarily lost hold of this. They received grace for a while and received many blessings, but because they lost hold of this covenant, they’re resenting God, complaining, and becoming like unbelievers. If we don’t receive grace, we become like unbelievers. In a sense, Christians who haven’t received grace are more wicked than unbelievers. They went beyond resenting God. They said, “Let’s go back to Egypt”. They lost hold of this briefly. When you construct the church/temple and speak about the temple, you must not lose hold of these important things.

2.Restoration of the Tent of Meeting
1)7 Powers- When they gathered, the 7 powers also gathered. We must elaborately teach the remnants right now, about restoring these things. There are 7. The ark of the covenant. The lampstands. The censers for the incense. All these things. Bread, water, (courtyard), oil. There were 7 great powers in the tent of meeting.
2)3 Feasts- With these, they kept the 3 feats. This means that they made this their imprint, root, and nature. If you do this, you live. But there were people who lost hold of grace from the beginning to the end. Because of this, the problems erupted. There’s nothing to worry about. In the end, God brought an end to all of them. But those who held on to the covenant were taken in (land of Canaan). All the churches that are doing temple construction must hold on to the covenant.
3)Ark of the Covenant- Why is that? Inside of that, there was the ark of the covenant. What’s inside the ark of the covenant? The Word of God that doesn’t change for eternity. While they were walking through the wilderness, God gave them manna. It contained the jar that contained that manna. Aarons staff was put down and it budded. What does that mean? It wasn’t Aaron. It was God working His Word of life through the temple and the priest. Are you facing a crisis? You must do this prayer and restore this. Are you faced with a difficulty that you cannot overcome? Only God can do this. You must pray this prayer and restore this. The pillar of cloud and pillar of fire took place at the same time.

3.Restoration of the Tent
▶It’s the restoration of the tents. What does this mean?
1)Scheduled Prayer- Take this grace directly into your family…
2)Healing Prayer- Take this to the field and to the prayer of healing.
3)Concentrative Prayer- Take this power into your business and do the concentrative prayer.
▶Restore this. Because they lost hold of this, they didn’t know this. They were shaken and they followed after that. There are people who really don’t believe. God will protect our posterity through the pillars of cloud and fire. God will work upon your business and homes with this blessing. This didn’t just end there.
If you look in verse 24, this is what you see. He said, “Those who have sinned and not realized will be taken and won’t be able to enter into the land of Canaan. Isn’t that so? Joshua and Caleb will be able to enter.

4.Restoration of the Temple
▶What did these people take? They took these directly. That’s how they restored the temple. They directly moved these things. This is the answer of God you will receive.
1)Canaan- Going to Canaan from the Exodus is God’s absolute plan. Once they entered Canaan, the tabernacle needed to be moved, so they had the tent of meeting.
2)Temple Restoration- Now, if they enter into the land of Canaan, the temple needs to be restored.
3)World Evangelization- That’s how they go do world evangelization. We will make this place into a place to do world evangelization. It’s the place of world evangelization.
▶Through your prayers, the devotion of our church officers, and the prayer of our ministers, God has given us such an absolute location. We must teach how to restore all these things in this place. So we need to make it so that those with spiritual problems can come to the healing center, watch videos and do all this on their own. Right now, there’s no place for those patients to go. Even their parents have limitations. They’re not able to do anything. There are so many unbelievers with spiritual problems, who are wandering. Because they have nowhere to go, they wander and ultimately die. People don’t just commit suicide for no reason. Because it’s just so hard for them. Because they’re spiritually suffering, far beyond what man can imagine. That’s why they do it.
▶The fact that not a single church can help with this? It really is a disaster. We must do this.
We have many in our church. Elder Hong, who just prayed earlier, and our elders who are doing the remnant movement. There are many fine individuals among these teams. You must combine your spiritual strength and make 3 things. Create your great masterpiece. As you gather, when the remnants come, they need to know how to heal this. In other words, create this content. “How to pray.” You need to make this. There need to be books, actual videos, and materials to enjoy. Then when the remnant registers to come in, they need to be able to do it on their own, whether it’s all day or an hour or two. So not having this right now? This means that the church is doing the wrong things. We must do this. Look at it very specifically and reference the Bible. When our remnants go to the Summit Center, in the Summit Room, they need to know what books to read. If they don’t read it then, when will they read it? On the Lord’s Day, they need to pray, read important books, converse with our outstanding elders and seniors, and they need to enter into prayer alone. The sanctuary is a place and time where everyone holds on to the covenant. Personalization doesn’t take place. That’s what we need to have.

5.Restoration of the Church
▶It didn’t end with this. I didn’t write this down earlier, but you need to catch on to this. God got rid of the ark of the covenant. Why is that? If the ark of the covenant exists, it would become a problem. Where would it be placed? That’s a problem as well, but if the ark of the covenant exists, it becomes another idol. Why is that? Because you must restore the covenant. That’s what we call, “church restoration”.
▶These 5 are very important terms. You might ask, “How can we go to church during COVID?”. But that’s referring to the church building, not a church. Are you selling or buying a church right now? You can’t buy or sell a church. You can do that with a church building. This church. If we were to be to accurate, this place is the Immanuel Church worship sanctuary. Isn’t that so? It’s just that we’ve added the name, “Immanuel Church”. But the word “church” is a very important term. It’s talking about the complete restoration of the covenant.
1)Salvation (Acts 1:1)- What’s inside the covenant (ark)? The stone tablets. What is that? It’s the token of salvation.
2)Power (Acts 1:3)- There was manna inside that ark of the covenant. That manna itself isn’t what’s important. It’s the token of God’s power.
3)Throne (Acts 1:8)- In it was the budded staff of Aaron. That staff itself isn’t what’s important. We need to change that. That’s the token of God’s throne.

▶We can see that as Acts 1:1, 3, and 8 as well. We can see this as the Passover, Pentecost, and Feast of Ingathering. We can also see this as only, uniqueness, and re-creation. You see all of this.
▶Take a look at how God will answer our remnants in the future. You’ll be surprised. My biggest worry is that people will only see the physical things when works continue to arise. When a lot of works take place, people with dim spiritual eyes will only see the physical things. “Ah, that’s so great. That’s going to make money.” This is all they continue to see. You need to see the spiritual things. The pillar of could and the pillar of fire. This is what Moses took out and prayed. That’s this place. In the place where this moves, God works with the pillar of cloud and fire. You need to prepare the temple that knows this.

▶The conclusion. What must you send them off with?
▶First. When you pray, when you give worship, more accurately, when you hold on to the accurate covenant, what kind of works take place? In other words, what takes place? It’s science.
(1)Trinity- The Triune God invisibly works through the Word. The visible things are a different story. The Triune God, unseen to our eyes, gets rid of the 3 curses and works through Christ, who saves. The Triune God, the Holy Spirit, is working by His power right now. When you’ve held to the accurate covenant. When you’ve held to it, now. That’s why David said, “Praise God, all you angels who do his will”. The fact that King David saw that means he was an amazing individual. He said, “All you hosts who fulfill his will”. “All you heavenly angels and hosts who do his word.” By “you”, he means both the angels and hosts. This is what is fulfilled.
(2)Status and Background- Your status and background. At this time right now…
(3)Authority and Background- Your authority and your background. You must help them take this when they go out.
▶Do you know why? Because there’s absolutely something that will take place next/after. It takes place after this. What arises?
(1)Gospelization- The gospel and gospelization is different. Isn’t that so? Finally, your business and our remnants’ studies fulfills gospelization and changes the world. The greatest answer that arose in the Bible. The first. You cannot block this.
(2)Establishment of the Throne- God promised that His kingdom will come and His works will be fulfilled wherever you go. It’s the establishment of the throne of heaven. This is the second greatest answer in the Bible.
(3)Establishment as Historic Summit- God will make you into the summit who will save the age. It’s the establishment of the historic summit. We must make the remnants into this. Remnants must take this with them when they go out. Because this undoubtedly comes.
3)Results- 10 Mysteries
▶What comes next? What comes as the result? Those are the 10 mysteries. This is what the remnants must always have. You must always enjoy this through prayer.
(1)Independence (Alone)- What’s the first? “Why did God scatter them for 2,000 years? Why did He leave them in the wilderness?” You need to survive on your own. Why? Because God is with you. This is the first mystery. This is always the case.
(2)Spiritual Fact- What’s the second? Why did God send them into the difficult reality? In order to show the spiritual facts.
(3)Unconventional Thinking (Opposite)- Always remember this. It’s unconventional thinking (thinking outside the box). God’s answer is always on the opposite side. It’s not where everyone is using humanism, thinking the answer is there. It’s on the other side. David saw what was on the other side. Not the side where King Saul was looking. There are many servants of the Lord here. Don’t like Gilgal, Bethel, and Jericho. The answer is elsewhere. “Give me the double portion of Spirit.” Hold on to the covenant. It’s always like this.
(4)Synergy (Save)- And then, what? Wherever you go, save people. Absolutely, don’t do the things that kill. And if you refrain from saying bad things about other people, keep quiet, works will arise. Truly. There are people who talk a lot. They’re not people of prayer. A person who prays a lot has no need to talk a lot. There are people who are talking all day long. They do that because they don’t know prayer. So you’ll come to save people.
(5)Crisis- It goes beyond that. Look for the crisis. In worldly terms, that’s what makes money. Isn’t that so?
(6)No Competition- And then, what? Winning without fighting. It’s finding that. There’s no need to fight.
(7)Re-Creation- Why is that? You have the power of re-creation.
(8)Summit- Then, what? Wherever you go, you become the summit.
(9)Wasteland- Finally, you go to the field of Nobody. Finally, you go to the deserted, wasteland. This is our remnant. That’s what God did. He sends them to the wilderness.
(10)Absolute- Finally. Hold to what is absolute. When you go to someone’s house, even the way those, who are a bit educated, place their items and things is different. It’s a bit different. And those who have some kind of meaning in their life place their things differently. But if you look at people who don’t really think much, they place things all over the place. Those who think also don’t just eat anything. You can’t just do meaningless things with your precious life. The final word. Give for the absolute things. Give yourself to God’s absolute plan. Isn’t that so?
▶Build a temple that teaches this. That’s it. If you don’t do this, it doesn’t matter whether the church exists or not. People are dying of spiritual diseases, but there’s no place for them to go. No church to do this. So they’re deceived. They go to places that do 24 and those are places of heresies and places like Shincheonji. They’re not going because they want to. They have no choice but to go because they have spiritual problems. If they go to church, 24 doesn’t take place. But when they go there (to the heretics), it works. This is how much we lack this system. Our kids need to be able to come here, stroll around the land and receive grace. There’s no place for the children to go in the churches of America. Children must be able to come and exercise. This is why the churches of the world face problems. And I said to a congressman in America. I asked him in D.C., “Is there a place where children can go?”. He said no. I asked, “It’s necessary, don’t you think?”. When I asked that, he agreed. If I was living in America, I’d do something, but he understood my words well. The youth have no choice but to do drugs. That’s the way the system is set up. Then the kids are going to lose their minds. They’ll lose their minds and do strange things. That’s bound to happen. We must block it. We must make this church the first church that does this. See what happens. All church officers, go all in for this mission and specialize in this. All pastors must discover that this is the ministry. All remnants, make this the place of internship. I’m not saying, “Let’s build our church well and boast of it to the world”. But we’re preparing for the future age. When the 4th Industrial Revolution comes, it’s going to be much harder. More spiritual problems will come. So many of the elite will shake and waver. Great hardships will come.
▶There’s a remnant who received the Vision Scholarship, the 8th year. So the Vision Scholarship is the scholarship I give. And it’s a full scholarship. These students are the ones who study well. Among them was a remnant named Kim Soo-Jung. She became a professor in America. Her husband is also a professor. Her father is also a professor. And they majored in media. So they match the preparation of the age well. Her father, Kim Hye-Sung, is a professor at a Catholic university. He wrote a book about the 8 aspects/methods of the “untact age”. I think it’s a very important book so we ordered a thousand ahead of time so that we could read it. All the banks, department stores, and everything is changing. In 5 years, tremendous changes will arise. It’s not a long time. We must prepare. If we don’t make these spiritual preparations, there will be great trouble. All the financial systems will change. This land is important because there are warehouses. It has a become an age of delivery. Now, it’s the age of delivery for all restaurants. Every system is online. Now, bank tellers won’t be needed anymore. This age is approaching, but in 5-10 years, it’ll come very quickly.
▶This is why the spiritual problems are becoming worse. We must quickly prepare. Our church has many important people like scientists and professors. You must come together and create this historic masterpiece. There’s only one way for our remnants to live. The spiritual parts need to come alive for everything else to be resolved. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. Open our spiritual eyes to see your will. Help us to know what the church must prepare. May our lives be inside of your absolute plan. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)